Coconut milk substitute

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rockyracoon | 19:48 Sat 28th Jan 2012 | Food & Drink
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Hi all, I quite fancy making this curry

OH doesn't really like coconut milk, what do you think I could replace it with, don't want it too runny either.

Thanks for any replies.


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Would he eat a small amount of shredded coconut, and just use the same amount of water instead?
Doubt he would even notice it was in there!
Skimmed ordinary milk - maybe slightly watered down?
Plain yogurt
Double cream. If he likes the taste of coconut you could add a bit of coconut essence to the cream.
low fat fromage frais.
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Thanks for your answers, he doesn't really like anything to creamy or coconutty come to that, do you think a bit of low fat yoghurt would work, I think I've used that in a Tikka Massala before.
You can use low fat creme fraiche, I have used that in curries. I've never tried low fat yoghurt, but I would assume it should be fine
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Thanks to you all, I'm trying to eat healthy at the moment ,don't know how long it will last for though!
Yoghurt would work fine, I put it in my beef Dopiaza with no problems.
natural yoghurt would be fine.
Natural yoghurt would be best.

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Coconut milk substitute

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