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kinell | 10:48 Mon 23rd Jan 2012 | Food & Drink
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i had a rant about costa coffee world domination earlier last year..

hot news! (if so desperate for a costa coffee)

moto reading services..

called into the london-bound side during weekend and instead of the usual (previously) ranted about three facilities to buy this brand of coffee, for the potentially deprived there is now a fourth opportunity!!!!! (all within 35 yards of each other)

1. immediately outside the main entrance
2. immediately inside the main entrance
3. in the food hall ... a sit-down if required
and...... brand new!!
4. within w h smith a bank of two costa express machines

corporate stupidity or consumer stupidity?


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I must get my eyes tested, could've sworn the title said "Rasta Coffee" :-)
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So where else other than the UK are Costa hell bent on world domination?

If you had used the term, "Starbucks" perhaps you may have a point.

Next thing is you will be advocating that Whitbread are hell bent on world domination.

OP stupidity, not corporate or consumer.......
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lol i have mental images of you wandering crossly around service stations counting and muttering to yourself :-)
I always take a flask!
People are mug enough to buy it, they're going to sell it. I can't count the number of people who get on the train now with a beaker of coffee.

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