Homemade Pizza: What Toppings?

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AB Editor | 14:24 Tue 10th Jan 2012 | Food & Drink
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As a follow on from this: http://www.theanswerb.../Question1094238.html

What toppings do you like on a pizza?

Equally, what's the oddest thing you've had? Strangest combinations?

Inspiration is required!


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Always the same for me;

my fave is parma ham with spinach, artichoke and pine nuts, i usually end up having a full house , minus the mushrooms tho
My favourite is Pepperoni & extra onion.
A mate of mine once melted a whole bar of cadbury's chocolate on a margherita once, that was pretty damn foul.
Just cheese and tomato... maybe a meat feast if i'm sharing :-)

Pineapple should not be allowed on pizzas.
Oh, and I once knew someone who liked tuna fish & banana on hers because she was pregnant.
pepperoni, olives, onion, finely chopped red chilli and mushrooms extra cheese

Worst one a chicken tikka pizza at a friends place.... no its not fusion food its wrong just plain wrong
Agreed - anybody who has pineapple on their pizza should be shot.
I'd have less tomato sauce.....then

onion (raw)

I'm not a meat fan ;-)
We use passatta and mix it with olive oil, garlic and oregano. We put that on the pizza base drizzle it with some olive oil and fresh basil or cheese! It's yum! :)
Ham and Pineapple with extra ham and pineapple.
no cheese...


are you insane :-)
strangest combination:
tomato paste
crunchy nut cornflakes
rice pudding
then make a well and crack eggs into it

apart from fact that the eggs didnt cook and the cornflakes went a bit soggy in the rice pudding it tasted quite nice
Lol it's lovely! Trust me! x
Someones let the kiddies do the supper methinks
I don't think it can be a pizza if it hasn't got cheese. Trade Descriptions act and all that, and health and safety too.

And I don't think redcrx's could be called a pizza either. "Abortion" more like.
Lol, I would tend to agree with you but it's how my Nonna makes it and it's how we have it in Italy. ;-)
it was a pizza, and it wasnt made by the kids, just a bunch of uni students.
Vodka and coke...more like bruscetta I suppose,,,

I like mixed seafood pizza with tomatoes onion, prawns, scallops, mussels, etc crisp salad, pinot grigio.... heaven
Rowan, similar but its definitely pizza lol
Many moons ago when I were a lad, we used to go to Pizza Express in Camberley. They used to provide a bowl of dried chillies to sprinkle on top of your Pizza, which I loved. The only thing was you had to remember to wash your hands BEFORE using the toilet. If you forgot, you'd get halfway back to the table and then hit the deck, with strains of a Jerry Lee Lewis song ringing in your ears.

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Homemade Pizza: What Toppings?

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