Homemade Pizza: What Toppings?

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AB Editor | 14:24 Tue 10th Jan 2012 | Food & Drink
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As a follow on from this: http://www.theanswerb.../Question1094238.html

What toppings do you like on a pizza?

Equally, what's the oddest thing you've had? Strangest combinations?

Inspiration is required!


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I caught an ex that way or rather with finely chopped fresh red chillies

I think he recovered eventually
Cajun king prawn with garlic and chilli flakes
I like ham and pineapple, but my favourite is garlic chicken, mushrooms red and green peppers.

Any form of seafood on a pizza should be made illegal.
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Thanks everyone.
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Has to have chilli flakes ,lots of cheese ,onion and mix peppers other than that what you have around ,tuna ,anchovies, mince , ham .
We have non latex surgical gloves for dried chillies. I always forget otherwise and get an eyeful.
I tend to like most if not all the usually offered ready made combinations, so I can't see that changing just because a pizza is home made.

I suppose 2 of my favourites are the spicy meaty ones, and the seafood one with lots of anchovies. But sometimes I pretend a vegetarian one is healthy and ignore the fact it has loads of cheese.

Sadly they are a rare treat these days. Too many calories, too much fat.

(Oh and there's nowt wrong with pineapple topping, Hawaiian pizza is good for a change.)
You don`t have to deny yourself completey, OG. I buy the little pizza bases (about 8") from Sainsburys, smear them with creamed tomato and a bit of tomato puree, dried oregano, and put half fat mozzarella on them. Then I do the toppings (prawn, anchovy or whatever). It even conforms to Weightwatchers!
Yesterday for lunch I had a cheats pizza which was half baked ciabatta topped with tomato sauce (not ketchup) prosciutto, jalapeno, fresh pineapple and buffalo mozzarella; I was supposed to have black olives but they got forgotten.

I know how vile and detestable pineapple is to some people; I enjoy the sweet/salty/spicy combo though :-\
Caramelised red onion and slim goats cheese with a few hot chillies.
'Slim' goats cheese?

Where the hell did that come from?

Naughty phone...
Lashings of anchovies & black olives for me

Mr O once ordered a vegetable pizza when we were on holiday. When it came it was a bog standard cheese & tomato pizza...with 6 brussels sprouts plonked on it
I know I'm late but here goes... my favourite is tomato puree with fresh herbs chopped in,chorizo sausage,goats cheese (mild welsh one) and mozzarella...loads of black pepper...yum. Just had one. Oh and always with that weird?
Pepperoni, Kebab meat!!

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Homemade Pizza: What Toppings?

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