Meat-free 'meat' slices?

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Hermia | 16:27 Mon 25th Apr 2005 | Food & Drink
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I am a veggie who wants a charge from my usual lunchtime sarnies. I have seen all these different sliced 'meats' in the supermarket and wondered whether they taste as vile as they look? And how healthy/unhealthy are they?


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They certainly dont look any more Vile than there meat

equivalent.Have you tried Mushroom Pate.From Holland & Barret.Everyone has Different taste's.Why dont you try a few And then stick to the one's you like.Also try this site for online ordering. here.

I'm a fan of the quorn range-although i wouldnt suggest eating a slice on its own or it'll put you off altogether! Quorn ham, n cheese and pickle is my preferred luncheon- and im not even a veggie anymore!
ps cheyenne has a point about what they look like!
I'm a veggie of 17 years and have the same issue with lunchtime sarnies.  I've recently found Princes do two types of veggie pates for sarnies, I found them in Morrisons with sandwich spreads and pastes.  The sun dried tomato and ricotta is my fave.  I have also tried the redwood food company sage and onion slices which are OK once in a while for a change and better than Quorn for me as I don't like veggie food that pretends to be meat - so veggie bacon rashers, wafer thin ham, turkey etc are a no-no for me.  It's a bit trial and error really, but good luck
I've tried Quorn Turkey and Stuffing style slices in a sandwich, with pickle..mmmmm. Doesn't look too appealing in the packet, but I really enjoyed it. The 'ham' and 'chicken' style ones are quite tasty, too. A B.L.T. made with Morningstar Streaky Strips is also pretty yummy!

Believe it or not, Quorn was not developed for veggies, but for meat eaters who wanted to eat a bit less meat, possibly the first step to veggie-ism.

In my experience, meat-like veggie products are enjoyed by those who used to be happy meat eaters but then got a conscience, but not by long-term veggies who have no desire to eat meat-like products.

Personally, I like Tesco's "bacon" slices, with eggs (free range of course!) or in a sandwich, they are an improvement on the original IMHO.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Streaky Strips - yum (I have been a veggie for 17 years, but still miss bacon). I also like Quorn sausages. I'm not interested in these meat free slice thingies 'cause I miss meat, it's more that they are convenient. I don't like sarnies that are full of gunge (mayonnaise, cottage cheese and other soggy things) and most veggie sarnies are quite gungy. And it's a ****** getting them to work without the bread getting soggy. I just fancied something I could bung between two bits of bread.

lambs look loverly in the field at this time of year!

but are even better on my butties at work!!

Cauldron's Sweet tomato, lentil and (basil I think) pate is absolutely lovely and much nicer than the mushroom one they do. the Quorn slices are ok, the 'turkey' and stuffing ones are nice, as long as you have something else with it, not that exciting on their own! I used to eat meat but gave it up for health reasons, but I've found I actually prefer the Quorn equivalents now, no gristly bits in the sausages etc and so easy to cook.  

I like Redwood Cheatin' slices, they do ham, chicken, turkey, beef and pepperoni and are available at health food shops.  My bf does like the Quorn ones but I can't eat them as I'm vegan.  I wouldn't say they look vile exactly...a bit like play-doh perhaps.


Also may I say, constructive answer mattvanduck.  How about you just don't contribute to veggie-related threads if you don't have anything relevant to say?  just a thought...

Nicola, i am sorry, i am not a vegie, but i felt very agrieved when i saw that, it hit a nerve!

My gf made a chilli con carne. "It was very nice" i said, then the killer blow came when she replied "its made from quorn mince"

I would not have eaten it if she told me before, i feel violated to say the least. i hope you all understand.

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Meat-free 'meat' slices?

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