Goose fat for roast potatoes?

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Cocosweet | 14:29 Mon 14th Nov 2011 | Food & Drink
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What is the big hoo ha about goosefat?
I used this last year and this wasn't any better than cooking oil and due to it being poultry saturated fat if anything was bad for me.
I think it's just maybe something that is deemed a little luxury so we buy it to have that extra little something we can boast to our family members about.
Do you use it? If so why, what do you think it brings to the table that other methods can't deliver?


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I prefer duck fat.
Duck for me too

and if you want a little luxury with them, a little black truffle over the potatoes.
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Does the duckfat bring a new flavour tothe roasties nomercy?
When i used the goosefat i didn't tell the guests and was waiting for someone to ask me how i got this amazing flavour but no one asked as you couldn't taste anything!
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Dtcrosswordfan is black truffle £2.20 for a 200gm portion like goosefat?
i tend to use the goose fat for xmas dinners but get the same results with beef dripping or olive oil dont see what much difference there is as whatever i use the roast potatoes crisp up.
I too have tried it, and cannot tell the difference at all. So now I save my money & just stick with the tried & tested!
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Honkytonk but if extra you use virgin olive oil your potatoes then taste olivey which is an aquired taste which not everyone likes.
they crisp up better - in duck and goose fat, I wouldn't go out and buy it - just fine strain the fat off when I am cooking a bird, into a jar and store it......truffle only for v special occasions and it serves to intensify the flavours.

Its now thought to be the fifth taste, "umami", an intensity of flavour prevalent not only in truffles, but things like mushrooms, shellfish, aged cheeses, green tea, ripe tomatoes etc
I`ve got goose fat in the fridge at the moment but I`ve used duck fat in the past too. I think it leaves the potatoes drier than olive oil. It seems to evaporate off better. Anything that comes from animals will have an element of water in it so that might be why.
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Pheasant and game even though i've never tasted it is meant to have a strong rich flavour, wouldn't the fat from a gamey bird be more better to use for roast potatoes if you're looking for more of a flabour kick?
try mixing some marmite into fat ans toss the pots in that, its amazing, dont tell anyone they won't know
pheasants don't have that much fat and usually have to be larded before cooking
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Mcfluff that sounds divine as i love marmite though my guests probably wouldn't unless i make two batches or even use the more mild and creamy vegemite which isn't too rough on the tastebuds.

Dtcrosswordfan, is truffle oil a good venture into truffles if you can't afford them or is it the difference like canned tuna and tuna steak?
We use duck or goose - Mrs V's secret is to shake the parboiled potatoes up a bit to roughen them up before putting them back in the very hot fat - you get a better crispy effect. Not sure about the Marmite, though - I think a good strain of potato gives flavour - we use Maris Piper or Edwards sometimes.
not quite the difference you imagine - truffle oil works though. As I said I only use it for very special occasions and you only need a smidge.

Venator is right about the fluffing of the potatoes.

Marmite - well I hate the stuff on toast or whatever, so I can't imagine roasted spuds in them but one never knows.
According to Good Housekeeping, roughing up the parboiled pots and then freezing them is best. Frozen spuds straight into smoking hot duck fat - perfect roasties every time.
ooh fluff my potatoes...
And maris piper are definitely the best variety.
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Dtcrosswordfan is there a certain type of truffle oil i should be looking for or will any one do?

Venator i've always used normal potatoes as i never thought it would make any difference, maybe ill go with the recommended potatoes this year.

Nomercy do you freeze all night or just for a certain amount of time? Is the article on the net or just the mag?

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Goose fat for roast potatoes?

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