british bake off

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Ankou | 13:27 Wed 24th Aug 2011 | Food & Drink
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rob the photographer made a pigs ear of his tarts, the lemon tart and quiche.

so how did he stay in ? is it eye candy for housewives and gay men, or is he a ringer.........

maybe i'm just cynical. but seriously, his baking was an abomination.


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they did say it was very close
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ps is rob the one who dropped his cake last week?
OH noticed he has a very nice smile and "lovely eyes". So there!
Havnt seen this weeks yet, though have a feeling that my brother in law was the one kicked out :(
husbands brother or sister's husband?
what does he look like - i can't remember the name of the blokey who went last night but can remember what he looked like
Simon. My ex husband's sisters hubby. Biggish bloke, dark hair, early 30s. They showed him last week with his boys, one of whom is the lad with leukaemia. He made the chocolate and guineas cupcakes last week
you have an ex husband????
Lol yes I do. From many years ago
Just watched it. Rob should've gone lol. Poor Simon :(
I can't stand the loopy essex lady with the silly little girl voice...that said, she can cook. As for those two is a shame they couldn't boot both of them out. But the loser did burn all of three tasks.albeit the tarte citron was only slightly overdone. At least the lad made a reasonable tarte. I love baking myself and find this fascinating. Not sure what Mel and Sue actually achieve.....

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british bake off

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