Best apple crumble recipe? Crumble in particular

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ian.miller | 20:32 Sun 10th Apr 2005 | Food & Drink
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I'm in the mood for some real food :) and I am after a good apple crumble recipe. The crumbles I like are deep, with about 60/40 fruit to crumble. with the crumble quiet thick, heavy on teh bottom by the fruit and a nice crisp top which breaks into (literally) crumbs.

I have found a couple, but on the only one I tried, the topping was way too "this" and didn't have any bulk to it.

any ideas of tried and tested ones?


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mmmm i had a lovely blackberry crumble form a shop called cook! once (south ouf england)  their crumble used toasted nuts (chopped hazlenuts i think) along with the normal crumble mixture and it was delish!
My family love my home made Apple, Apple & Blackberry or Rhurbarb crumbles! (When I get the time to make them!).
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do you have a recipe Smudge?

10:30 am - Well it's my own recipe - will post it later, I have to pop out to visit a friend! :o}

Sorry I don’t have the exact measurements to give you my home recipe, but try adding oats to your crumble topping to give it a bit more texture and bulk.  Also if you like it quite sweet, use coarse brown sugar as that will also help to give it a crunch.

I always use 4oz butter, 8oz flour, rub together til breadcrumbs add 4 oz demerara suagr not white, and put on fruit with a little sprinkling of extra demerara on top and cook in moderate oven til golden brown (lush) Dont have the fruit too wet as crumble will absorb and become too wet in between layers
the best crumble is to add brown sugar to your crumble mix as it is cooking  the best time is about 10 mins b4 removing from the oven.

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Best apple crumble recipe? Crumble in particular

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