Rant about onions

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tigerlelly | 18:58 Sun 17th Jul 2011 | Food & Drink
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Where, oh where can I buy some old-fashioned full-flavour onions -the kind that make you cry when you peel them and have a bite to them.I am fed-up with all the ones in the supermarkets; if I want a 'sweet onion' I'll buy a blasted apple! Even the French have started growing the sweeter ones. If I can no longer buy them does anyone know which variety I should grow?

'Desperate in Dorset'


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Storage onions are probably what you're seeking. (The acid content rises throughout storage).

Perhaps Jaune Paille de Vertus?

this might sound daft, but don't buy 'premium' onions in nets from the supermarket. Grown for regimented size they usually have little flavour. Go for the plastic bagged smaller onions, a pain i know when you have to peel more but you will get better flavour. Just take them out of the plastic when you get home else they'll sweat and go bad. Japanese onions, which have a papery whitish skin, the bulbs themselves look 'upside down' instead of the 'hairy bit' being on the flat bottom, it' on the top and the tufty bit is on the flat top - they have good flavour, usually available from mid august to november they're good keepers. Failing that try a market stall, or buy some shallots and cook with your onions - they can be quite strong as can red onions.
" if I want a 'sweet onion' I'll buy a blasted apple!" Eh? Lol. Cooking removes the acids and makes the onion sweeter so sweet onions saves you cooking time and energy, no? Where do they sell these sweet onions as all I have are the bitter tear bringers, maybe we should swap tigerlelly!
try a farm shop
I've been lucky with the ones in a net from Lidl's. Strong and make the eyes water.
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Thanks all for your answers.
Wrongn3number - All I know is that my recipes are getting blander and blander because onions are being bred (if that's the correct terminology) for sweetness. If they are sweet to start with then it stands to reason that they will get sweeter when cooked and the flavour loses its bite and it's the bite that I like. Where do you buy yours?
if theres a lidl near you try their nets of onions....they are pretty small but omg i have to go out of the kitchen when cutting them as i cant see!
oh i didnt see alba's reply when i answered
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Safiya and albaqwerty - they are the little devils I'm looking for so I'm off to Lidl this morning.
dont get the net ones that have 3 biggish ones in.... its the bag with a few smaller ones in :)
i've been buying spanish onions from my local market that are huge, but they sure make me cry! i'm enjoying cooking with them.

Anna x
As Safiya says, it's the net with small ones. Hope you got them !!
I normally don't buy organic but I bought organic onions from Lidl this week because they looked good and good they were.

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Rant about onions

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