home made sweets/long life products

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what..the? | 01:24 Sun 12th Jun 2011 | Food & Drink
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ok so I run a charity sending items to the troops of the front line, the items have to be long life and are always bought in from supermarkets by me or donated.

I was wondering if items could be made by hand, but they would have to last nearly a month or more in shelf life and be able to cope with the heat,

My first thought would be sweets, what with all the sugar surely they won't go off? Anyone know of any cheap to produce sweets? And/or other long life homemade items, that would not need to be chilled and can cope with excessive heat?

Typing this I am now thinking there is a chance it's impossible to make sweets cheaper than the mass produced ones bought in the supermarket. I thought that in some instances you can save money by making homemade stuff?


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If you buy the fondant for icing cakes with, you can use all sorts of flavourings to make, for instance peppermint creams, orange creams, lemon, lime, I have even made violet ones using a tiny amount of violet perfume. They are delicious and keep very well once hardened, after a few days.
I think you have answered yourself really, though you could make better quality, the packaging to keep them separate and stop them melting etc would push the cost up. Good thought though.
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yes I just found the peppermint creams by searching the net, if I just but them in a bag a handful each would they just melt together in the heat?

Yeah to get a wrapping machine or sealer etc etc would cost
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Jams and pickle/chutney are made to keep. Not sure if the glass packaging might be a problem though. Sweets are often cheaper at the supermarkets but in my opinion, you can't beat home made fudge....

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home made sweets/long life products

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