Potatoe Crisps called Potato Puffs

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chelsieuk | 13:22 Tue 02nd Nov 2010 | Food
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Can anyone help me please? I am looking for those crisps you had in the 80s and early 90s they were in a small packet cheaper to buy then the other crisps. Also they were small hollow light and were at the time only made in plain flavour, can you still buy them and were?
Thank you from the UK


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I remember those but I dont think you can buy them any more
I think this has been discussed before on Chatterbank.

I was interested because i remember them and Cheesettes being sold at playtime in the 60s.

I think the consensus was that they were discontinued.
I can remember gettin potato puffs in the school tuck shop in the 60's. They were lovely. Wish you could still get them.I think Burtons made them, but not sure.
I use to love them - can't get them anymore sadly :-(
I loved the cheese ones and the tomato ones - not keen on the salt & vinegar ones though........................nostalgia!!!!

Anna x
tesco own make have a similer thing corn puffs or something like that they are very good and cheap
they were 3 old pence the last time i bought them!
They were Burton's, they did a beef flavour too.

The fights at our primary school tuck shop were epic, lol
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It's a pitty the old fashion sweet shops on line don't sell them, I hope they have not changed the name of them or we would never of found them. roflo
I often used to buy these back in the late 60s from the school tuck shop and also Smiths crisps which I haven't seen for years. Think the latter were bought by Walkers. Why do they have to stop selling things like these as the new ones are not as tasty.
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They were Burtons Puffs - you cannot get them anymore. I've even contacted Burtons and they have no plans on making them again :-(

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Potatoe Crisps called Potato Puffs

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