When to drink water?

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nohorn | 01:05 Thu 25th Mar 2010 | Food
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I have difficulty staying hydrated, I am not fond of water (boring, boring); I know I have got to change my ways. Well if I had the strategy to drink a glass of water with my meal, is that really a good idea? Or should it be between meals, or after meals, or does it matter.

This is nohorn; I am back and ready to go.I


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no set time for drinking water why not flavour it!!
You are flowing like water. :)
Not before as

a) it fills you up and
b) it can dilute you natural acids

I find filling a glass and drinking it in one is the best way. After a few weeks it seems like your body craves it. Only drink water until your wee turns really pale. 8 glasses are recommended but some people do not need that much. The colour of your wee is the indicator.
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Do you drink something else instead of water or do you just not drink much in general?
I agree with Tony.
You should never drink during a meal and preferably leave it for an hour before drinking. This is so that the very strong digestive juices - acids - are not diluted.
hi....i agree with tonyted....except for beer - yess it is 95% water but will ultimately
de-hydrate you. (was this put on as a joke and I have fallen for it??)

I was told by the doc to cut out all fizzy drinks and I don't do tea and coffee(don't like tea and never tried coffee - I have enough bad habits) didn't know what to do as I hated water - thought it was hell on earth trying to drink it - now I can't think of anything better to quench my thirst.

Had to drink it really cold at 1st, now I prefer it at room temp. I mix it with sugar free cordial (summer fruits or blackcurrant and apple are nice - go for robinsons special R not the supermarkets cheap ones) for a bit of variety, but only now and again - often with my meal.

As said previously, don't drink too much at meal times - you flood your digestive system and dilute your digestive enzymes.

i try and drink a 1.5litre bottle of water a day plus what ever other bit I drink (oj for breakfast, fluid from fruit etc) I have a mineral water bottle but fill it up with tap water - some may disagree but hey - works out damn expensive if not!!

Stick at it - as true water convert I assure you it's worth it - you'll feel better for drinking water and keeping hydrated!!
oh....first couple of'll pee - alot!!
Ah, what nonsense. There's no restrictions on when you can drink water, meal or no meal. I tend to just refill a cup or glass as I go along, sipping away at it through the day. I heard this is a better way of hydrating, rather than ummmm's drinking a glass back in one go, which just makes me p*ss in no time.
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This is to answer flobadob's question, I have never liked anything runny, even soup, as a child of the 40's I drank koolaid, as an adult I drink carbonated beverages ( the usual kind), now usually in diet form. I am going to try to develop a habit of drinking water, maybe flavored, and get away from carbonated beverages. It won't be easy.
Thanks everybody for replying.
Backdrifter....that was for when you first start drinking water. Once you're use to it then, I agree, sip away all day.
i fill a half litre sports cap bottle with water every day and keep it in the kitchen so that when i'm in there i have a slug of it. that, combined with my morning coffee and any other drinks throughout the day, plus all the fruit and veg i eat, keeps me well hydrated. the 8 glasses a day includes ALL liquid you take in, you don't have to drink 8 glasses on top of everything else.
The 8 glasses a day is a myth, have a read of this.
A tip from me,
drink your water warm. Cold water solidifies everything inside you, including fat, making it harder to shift.

I always drink warm water from the kettle.
funnygirl, please tell me you're living up to your name and being satirical. Your post made me laugh out loud, it's one of the silliest things I've ever heard.
I used to drink 2 litres of diet coke in a day easily but now I try to stick to water. Once you get used to it its simples. By the way, try the tap water were you live first and don't assume you have to buy bottled water.

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