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Wrangler3 | 20:05 Tue 23rd Mar 2010 | Food
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I used to buy Anchor Vintage which was salty, crumbly and SO strong. Lovely eating and absolutely lovely when toasted. It was discontinued a few years ago and none of the brands I can now get come anywhere near the texture of the AV. The M&S cornish cruncher is near in terms of flavour but that's about all. Can anybody suggest a suitably strong cheddar that will bite me back???


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Wrangler3 - we absolutely love Keen's cheddar, it's a really mousetrappy cheddar. So lovely and strong. You can get it in most Waitrose stores, best cut off the block.
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i used to be cheesed off with cheese( pardon the pun) until i moved to spain. they have sheep cheese sold in 1kg rounds for about 8euros( about 7quid) and goats cheese sold in similar format and about same priice. so i dont eat cows cheese any more. i now suffer less flatuence
Lincolnshire Poacher - Vintage. Guaranteed to bite back.
I find Pilgrims Choice Extra Mature ain't too bad. It's one of the few cheddars available in most supermarkets that's rated a 5 for strength of flavour.
I love cheese on toast, but, no cheese these days seems to have that solid crust on top when toasted. It just stays fairly runny
Try Cathedral City Vintage 20. It is in a Black wrapper and gorgeous. If you like strong cheese as much as I do you will love it.
There is a cheese called Tickler. Waitrose sell it in packets or at the cheese counter. There is another supermarket that sells it, think its Morrissons. Lovely strong cheese although a bit pricey.
Try Wyke Farms Vintage. The new Pilgrim's Choice Xtreme Cheddar has a decent flavour, and appears BOGOF occasionally. Neither quite matches the WONDERFUL purple labelled Anchor Vintage. COME ON ARIA FOODS LTD who do the butter. YOU COULD GET A DEDICATED FOLLOWING BACK HERE!!!

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Anchor Vintage Cheddar

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