Chocolate cake

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jb190281 | 14:36 Fri 09th Oct 2009 | Food
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not a question, simply an observation.....

Ive just eaten a great big slab of chocolate cake covered in mega thick cream.... its true that chocolate and cake (more so when combined) works wonders!


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Is there any left? ;-)
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oh yes, i wasnt THAT greedy (im saving it for later!). even the cream was amazing!
thats brightened up my day!
It's an Aphrodisiac and it should work wonders for the Libido ! :-)
''It's an Aphrodisiac''

Where do you rub it on?
When I eat to much of my own home-made chocolate cake,it makes me hyper-a la too much caffeine. I DO put a LOT of chocolate in!!
Which is the aphrodisiac - chocolate or cake ??
Yes you are right, its really very nice combination of chocolate and cake and that's the reason why majority of people love Chocolate Cake. But apart from this combination cake needs to be soft and yummy:), that's the reason why I love "Deliciae" chocolate cake.

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Chocolate cake

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