Frozen prawns

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omelette | 20:30 Sat 14th Feb 2009 | Food
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I have a bag of frozen king prawns that I want to cook tonight (yes I know I should have got them out last night to defrost!).

Is the 'quick defrost' method safe for prawns too? i.e. put the unopened bag of frozen prawns into a large bowl of cold water for about 30 minutes, turning occasionally?


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I don't know about that. I defrost mine in the microwave.
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How long for? What setting?
I defrost mine on low in microwave as well. Never had a problem.
yea me too in the microwave, just keep doing it for 5 mins and then check, then if necessary another 5 mins. not poisoned anyone yet, dont think.
Stick them in a colander and run them under the cold tap, they'll defrost in no time.
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Thanks for your replies. I'm a bit unsure as prawns are supposed to be 'dodgy' if not defrosted?
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What is the reason for having to defrost prawns before eating anyway?
They are really crunchy if you don't defrost them :)

If they are already cooked and you are cooking them in a curry or similar you don't have to defrost them, just chuck them in towards the end of the cooking. if they are raw then they must be fully defrosted before cooking.
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lol Chuck. So what is in frozen raw prawns (what I have) that isn't in frozen cooked prawns?
If you cook raw prawns from frozen,there is the risk that they may APPEAR cooked yet still be uncooked on the inside. And you don't really want to eat raw shellfish.
No, omelette - you can get frozen cooked OR raw prawns.
If they are frozen, stick them under the grill for 7-10 minutes then add them to whatever you are cooking
I use ChuckF's method if I'm having them in a salad, except I use hot water. Pour some over the frozen prawns, wait a minute or two, then repeat until the prawns are thawed through. There isn't enough time for bacteria to multiply before the prawns are eaten.

By the way...this bacteria thing is possibly over-rated. Working offshore in Norway, it was quite common to have a big plate of prawns in their shell on the messroom table at lunchtime. If there were any left over, the cooks would just put them back in the fridge for next day. This would often go on for a week or so. Nobody ever got ill.

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Frozen prawns

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