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Greedyfly | 18:51 Sun 06th Jul 2008 | Food
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I have searched high and low for a decent burger whether it be frozen or fresh. Ive tried making them and have bought many different brands 'special' ranges and have yet to find one I have liked. Does anyone have a great recipe I can try to have the perfect burger for an upcoming BBQ. I know in terms of recipe you cant really have much more than beef - but for some reason I find them lacking taste and me wanting more when I have made them.

Thanks Guys


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Although I'm veggie, when I was married (some 25 years ago) I used to make my husband some meat burgers, using fresh beef mince (the quality stuff from the proper butcher's, not the packet stuff from the supermarket). I can't remember the quantities but to an amount that would make about four burgers, I added one finely chopped onion, one finely chopped red chilli, one teaspoon of dried mixed herbs and half a beaten egg (large). I mixed all this up and if it was very wet added some fresh breadcrumbs to absorb the surplus liquid. I formed one quarter of the mix into a pattie shape (a flattened ball), dipped both sides in some seasoned flour (salt, pepper and ground cumin), then in the rest of the egg, then in some golden breadcrumbs. I placed each pattie on a plate then put them into the fridge for half an hour to firm up before gently frying on both sides in a little oil.

I have no idea what they tasted like but my husband always wanted to eat all four of them !
sorry i havent actually got a recipe, but i saw a cookery prog where they put chopped gerkin into the mix and i thought that would be nice....
mind you, jugglers sounds lovely.
Arghhhh, I have just seen the title - you wanted burgers for your BBQ..... oops, sorry.. I have no idea if that recipe ^^^ would work for a BBQ - it would probably make a lovely mess of your grill unless you cooked them slightly beforehand in a frying pan and transferred them to the BBQ when the crunchy casing had formed.
Have you tried buffalo burgers?
We've changed to pork and apple burgers. We get them from our local butcher, and they are much nicer (moister and tastier) than beef burgers. We took some to a friends barbecue and he declared them 'the king of burgers'!
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Blend a whole onion, two green chillies and a garlic in a blender until it's almost a puree. Add it to mince and season well!

Put in fridge for 1 - 2 hours. Pull out and bind with breadcrumbs and an egg. Make thin big patties out of them as they do change shape and go a bit dumpy! ;0)
Some of the things to add to home made burgers to make them tastier include garlic, tomatoe ketchup, worcester sauce, chilli, chopped fresh corriander, cumin seeds, honey and ginger
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Thanks guys
I used to make them but I bought the M+S burgers recently (the ordinary ones, not the Aberdeen Angus) and thought they were lovely! I don�t think I'd bother making them any more!

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BBQ Burgers

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