Name of a dessert.

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stonemonkey | 00:54 Fri 09th May 2008 | Food
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I know the ingredients, but not the name.

Cider, brandy, double cream, caster sugar, nutmeg and lemon juice. When it's whisked it becomes a thick creamy dessert.

Anyone know it's name?


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Errrr, ........... no, sorry.
No idea. Maybe something mousse. Sounds nice though.
Syllabub (?)
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It's an odd sounding name, with loads of letters, and it cracked me up when I first heard it.
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Syllabub sounds familiar..
I'd go with syllabub.
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Are you bored, Elvis? ;-)

Don't suppose you look like the 68 slim hunk of love do you?
So would I - and if you add flour, you've got a recipe for brandy snap!
Hi stone!
Could it be (Junket ?)

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Name of a dessert.

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