Re-freezing thawed out raw meat/fish

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Shemsu | 11:01 Fri 23rd Nov 2007 | Food
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Is it against the legislation that is the 'Food Safety Act 1990' in the UK to re-freeze thawed out raw meat/fish? As far as i'm aware it is, can anybody clarify this?


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Not sure of the act, but I was always raised with 2 golden rules.
Never refreeze in the same state and never reheat more than once.
In other words it would be OK to refreeze raw meat etc ONCE you have cooked it.
As I said though, unsure of legislation surrounding this. It came from my dad who was a doctor and he got it from his dad who was a senior public health inspector.
Link below has some mention of it. Meat Matters has some semi governmental NDPB invlovement by the look of it. s/meat_storage.php
Couple of Sections of the Act probably apply and prosecution should be brought under the most relevant:

Part 2. main Provisions -
Section 14: Selling food not of the nature or substance or quality demanded........
or in same Part:
Section 8: Selling food not complying with food safety requirements.........

You could also cite -
Section 15: 15 Falsely describing or presenting food...........

E.g. if the food offered is described as fresh when it has been through the process of reezing for preservation and then descibed as a fresh item - the freezing is a process that affeects the nature of the product.

Note by the way Scotiish law has a slightly different Act for comparison.

Read the Act here if you want further info: 00016_en_3#pt2-pb1-l1g7

If you have a specific concern, first point of call is to the local authorities environmental health officers who can serve enforcement notices on premises or decide to take further action if necessary.

And ing/ has some other info. and this is the set of food links that are relevant from other interested bodies like the chilled Food INdustry representatives etc. which should help bolster any comments.

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Re-freezing thawed out raw meat/fish

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