black peas

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mar1e | 20:26 Fri 02nd Nov 2007 | Food
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Can anyone tellme how do I cook black peas please



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We call them carlings in Co Durham. Soak over night in water. Boil for an hour, drain and fry in butter. That is the way we serve them here. iew.asp?idproduct=120

This website says:
Carlins are really Maple Peas, and other names for them are Black Peas, Brown Badgers and Pigeon Peas. You prepare Carlins by soaking them overnight and then boiling them for up to an hour - it's a matter of taste as to how soft you like your peas (they are tough little things and it's difficult to over-boil them). Then you fry them in a little butter for a few minutes, and then add some salt and a good dose of vinegar to the pan - Serve however you like.

This website says:
Get a 1lb of Maple Peas from the supermarket (or even the Pet Shop but check they are ok for human consumption!).

Wash thoroughly, removing any stones. Soak overnight. Drain. Place in a large pan. Cover with water. Bring to boil. Simmer for 2 or 3 hours. Keep checking and top up with water if needs be. Eat when soft, adding salt and vinegar to taste. They are best made and left to stand overnight I find. The "gravy" thickens and the flavour develops.)
You can still buy them piping hot in little tubs on Bury Market. From the Hot Potatoe thingy, not on the Black Pudding stalls !
Unfortunately, due to most chip shops now being run by chinese, this is a delicacy which is diminishing in avialability.

You used to get them in pubs on darts match nights when some hostelries would offer them instead of sandwiches
We used to get black peas from the traveling fair. They had a black pea tent with huge white mugs for the peas. I have made them at home but can never recreate the taste from my childhood.
Like everyone has said soak over night then I add boiled ham from a ham shank to the pan and boil the lot for 3 hrs or so then leave over night reheat the following day and add vinegar and white pepper! Sounds like a lot of work but trust me well worth it.
Soak them in water overnight (much as you would most dried beans) and then boil them until they are a semi-mushy texture. Drain the excess water off. Serve in a cup and sprinkle some vinegar over it.
Soak the peas overnight much as you would any dried beans. Boil until a semi-mushy texture. Drain then serve in a cup and sprinkle some vinegar over it. It should have a semi-nutty flavour to it.
Lancashire black peas should be soaked overnight to rehydrate and then boiled for 2 to 3 hours (with a little salt if you desire) until they are almost 'mushy'. Serve with salt and vinegar in porcelain cups and eat with a spoon! yum

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black peas

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