How Many Slices Are There In A Loaf Of Bread?

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anthro-nerd | 09:07 Fri 04th May 2018 | Food
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I mean your typical loaf, not a fancy one. Something like Hovis, medium sliced?


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I think between 14 and 16 because I can make 7 or 8 sandwiches. But I use the shop brands that usually have a slightly longer loaf sliced thinner than the better brands lol
I think it is 22. Thick sliced is 18.
Anyone noticed that you can't get thin sliced now? Its Standard ,Thick or Super Toastie
Eddie, I think the supermarket brands are thinner. Which is why I buy them.
Always one short of making multiples of two sandwich lunches.
Yes, I buy Morrisons own brand bread, 22 slices in a standard loaf.
(and only 55p)
55p for a loaf of bread? I'd question the quality.
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Tesco own brand bread is the same price 55p. Less than 1/2 the cost of a brand name. Quality is just as good. I try never to buy brand names,supermarket own is just as good and a lot cheaper.
I wouldn't say it determines quality, but as Ummmm says it may make you question whether there is something better.

Depends on your budget and whether the bread is purely to fill you or the family up or you actually want a really tasty loaf.
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We eat more bread as toast than as just bread. Supermarket 'Value' bread is 35p and actually makes nicer toast than the full price bread. Plus the slices are smaller and fit the toaster without a bit sticking out that does not get toasted.
Braces do thin sliced bread at Sainsbury. I use it because I'm always trying to keep the dreaded blubber off so every little helps and the thin is 87kcal vs 120kcal for the thick sliced so over a week it makes a bit of difference, about 500 cals per week :/
How annoying is that, I end up turning the bread mid cycle. Eddie, Warburtons medium seems like thin bread to me.
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How Many Slices Are There In A Loaf Of Bread?

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