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tamirra | 14:38 Mon 21st Dec 2015 | Food
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Hi, we went to a Christmas fair yesterday and there was stall selling a variety of food bits, so myself an mum bought a lovely tin of cookies, when i got home i read on the label on the back and it had a warning stating the tin was made of a chemical that can cause cancer and defects in unborn babies and other cancers, i have tried to locate the premises which is in Bromley Kent but doesn't seem to be trading any longer, what would be the best route to take as i don't feel i should just leave this and not complain. Thanks x


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Whoever organised the fair must have contacts for stallholders. Perhaps they would be willing to pass you some information.
If the Company is no longer trading then there is little you can do. Good on you for reading the back label - what exactly did it say and what material was the tin made of?
The "tin" will be tin-plated steel (surely) possibly with some micro-treatment - maybe the paint. I suspect this is a case of way-over-the top warnings, the like of which you will see on much packaged food.
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It said the cookies made in Spain, the tin in China and manufactured in Bromley Kent, nothing about the materials in the tin, only ingredients in the cookies x
Like gingebee,I suspect this is a case of "covering all bases ". I also suspect that much of the packaging used is capable of causing cancer,Alzheimer's,etc. But the odds are extremely unlikely as some sort of constant contact would be necessary.
Think of this example.

When a supermarket finds that one of their foods has a problem (like say salmonella in eggs) they put out press warnings and clear the shelves of eggs and it becomes a big news item.

Yet they are happy to keep selling cigarettes, even though there is a big warning on the side of the packet saying it causes cancer.

Talk about double standards.

So you may find that some scientist somewhere force fed a rat for 2 years with a paint that was used on the tin you bought, and they used a massive dose of it, and after two years the rat died.

So companies are just covering themselves in case in 20 years you get cancer and try to sue them.

After all if it was that serious it would not be allowed to be sold in the UK.
The difference, VHG, is that every smoker knows that his habit is harmful.

Nobody expects cancer causing chemicals in a tin of biscuits.
>>The difference, VHG, is that every smoker knows that his habit is harmful.

The point I am making is the double standards of supermarkets.

One the one hand they panic if there is the slightest doubt that a certain food is dangerous (even if the risk is very small).

But are happy to sell cigarettes that they know cause cancer and is clearly marked as such on the side
I wouldn't worry unless you're thinking of eating the tin.

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Bought Tin Cookies

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