Fray Bentos Corned Beef

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Jamjar74 | 11:36 Fri 24th Oct 2014 | Food
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Why can I not get this any more. None at Sainsburys, Tesco, Asda. All they have is Princes which is not a patch on Fray Bentos. Anyone know where I can get this please.


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Amazon sell it.
I saw it in the Co-op recently
I wonder if Marks and Spencer do it?
If not try their own label
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Thank you all
If you have seen the processing plant in Fray Bentos I guarantee you would never eat corn beef again. I have awful place but like you the corn beef is the best.
if you saw any meat processing plant you'd turn vegan
I've been in a slaughter house and that's why I'm a vegetarian now.
>>>All they have is Princes which is not a patch on Fray Bentos

Up until 2011 Princes made Fray Bentos corned beef! The brand was then sold to Baxters, who continue to use it for canned pies and puddings. However corned beef no longer features in the 'Fray Bentos' section of the Baxters' website, so it seems likely that it's been discontinued.
Try Baxters of Fochabers - they bought Fray Bentos
Hate to tell you lot but all Corn Beef is imported into the UK in plain tins without labels . It is bought in bulk by the various companies who then put their labels on it. So you are buying the exact same beef with a different label. If you do not believe me just look at the code on the base of the tins it gives the packing station number. You find different brands with the same packing station number proving they are from the same place. At present my Morrison's has 2 types of own label corn beef 'value ' and 'premium' same packing station number , only difference is the price £1.75 or £2.50 .
"if you saw any meat processing plant you'd turn vegan"

I have - and I'm not vegan.

It is merely a process to get our food stock from the field to our plate, and therefore it puzzles me why people get upset about it.
Fray Bentos is actually the name of the town in Uruguay where the first beef packing and export plant was established. It was exported as 'Fray Bentos Beef' It produced so much that canned beef became known by the name.
( rather like a vacuum cleaner being called a Hoover.) Corned beef now comes from Argentina or Brazil but the name Fray Bentos has been registered as a trade mark.
The original Fray Bentos meat export plant closed in the late 1970s but a smaller meat packing plant has now reopened. They are trying to get their name back by fighting a legal battle over the use of it.

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Fray Bentos Corned Beef

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