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craft1948 | 18:15 Tue 07th Feb 2012 | Food
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It's the daughter's birthday next month and she would like some decent knives, along with a block.
Anyone have any recommendations please....................


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yeah but a new knife takes a little bit of getting used to dt, its different weight, feel and stuff.... i know how to use knives properly (when i am able to use them that is) and i nick myself on new ones til im used to them....
The quality of the steel the knife is made from does have some relevance. Too hard and it keeps a razor edge (if you know how to get one) but rusts easily and snaps when used to lever open tins and jars. Too soft and you will never get it sharp. Modern kitchen knives are a compromise but any good make will be a good compromise as long as it isn't a rebranded chinese cheapy.
Best course I ever went on - three terms at 'night school' learning basics of continental cookery - which, as DT says, started with 'how not to add blood to your food'.

Great fun - not only did I learn to cook, but all the other course members were women interested in good food ... ;=)
and what was the piece de resistance, dave, coq au vin?
Cut myself when washing them/putting them away (don't know why he bought decent knives, it's not like I do loads of chopping).
I have both Global and V Sabatier from my training days and I use them every day. They are expensive but they last.I too don't like the knife blocks but that's a personal thing. I don't know what you want to spend craft and I don't know how good the Stellar ones are but I found this:

I think the final weeks involved a lot of German Sausage DT ...
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ooh vodka..they look quite sexy.
I thought they looked good, but as I say I don't know how good they actually are. Stellar gets a great name for pots and pans and cutlery so they should be decent enough! xx
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I had a play (!) with some of those at the Good Food Show - nicley balanced and (to my surprise) I quite liked the softgrip handles - not sure whether the handles would last as well as the riveted wood version though
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I don't know much about general kitchen knives but over the years I've filleted and skinned an awful lot of fish and for that you need a really sharp knife. I've three knives I use all made by Normark, two just ordinary ones the kind you can by in any tackle shop and one of their rappala range. Trish has a set of Sabatier, six knives and a steel which she keeps in a leather roll, which her ex left behind when they split up about 30 years ago.
"until your daughter wraps her hands round the hilt and feels for comfort you won't know what she likes"

I agree entirely ... even if I couldn't resist a smutty chortle ...
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Thanks Helen I live in York. To be honest I was quite surprised when she asked for the knives as although she's a good little cook I never thought she was that interested. She does seem to be making things from scratch more now that she has joined weight watchers............ said at the beginning, go to a shop and see what feels right.

She may well want a knife block but it might be worth thinking about buying a block and just a 2-3 knives to start.

With a paring knife and a cooks knife you can achieve most things in a kitchen. Then as birthdays and Christmas come and go further knives can be added if they are deemed necessary.

I can think of many people who have boning or filleting knives and probably only use them to peel an apple!
Its a nice present though and something that she will hopefully cherish, whatever knives that you buy.
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Thank you everyone.................I won't pick a best answer as you've all been very helpful :-)
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If you are serious about quality then get carbon steel knives. They will take a better edge and stay sharp far longer than stainless steel ones. Slight drawback is they tend to rust if not treated properly.

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