Reheating again

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mintymow | 20:55 Tue 20th Dec 2011 | Food
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I have used some left over chicken to make a curry, but now there is still some of that left. If I freeze it will it be ok to reheat again at some future date.


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you can only ever reheat once.
so if you used the cooked chicken in the curry it must not be reheated.EVER!
Sinderella's right. Only ever reheat meat once.
If I understand you, you have cooked chicken from raw, put some of the cooked chicken in a curry and now you want to freeze it.
As long as you haven't frozen it since it's been cooked, that's fine.
+1 for sinderella and naomi. You can reheat previously cooked food only more!
Can you confirm the exact situation here? My understanding is -

You cooked chicken, ate some. Chicken leftover allowed to cool. Leftover chicken made into curry. Leftover curry available and what to do with it.

If you want to be really safe throw it out. If you are sure it was never at room temperature for very long then you could risk it. I wouldn't.
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Thanks everyone think I'll go for binning it, rather than risk tummy trouble.

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Reheating again

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