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oscarina | 19:27 Fri 28th Jan 2011 | Drinks
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What drinks alcoholic non alcoholic, soft drinks do you love or hate. I enjoy red wines, especially Australian or South African, don't like Champagne or Sparkling drinks, hate Shloer, for soft drinks like Cranberry juice your choices!!


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Love - Margaritas and Caipirinhas
A pint of Guinness is just the thing to wash down a dozen or two of oysters. Don't like any sweet drinks.
I love cocktails - esp. 'Sex on the Beach' & 'Pina Colada'
Hate whiskey, gin, tequila
Adore ginger beer, ginger wine.
A good stiff Ozzy Chardonnay !
Love a good tropical juice juice etc is plain boring...
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Hi joggerjayne, what is a caipirinha, sounds great want to try it.
like Bundaberg ginger beer and lime bitters, plus JJ's drinks. Also real thick shakes, ones you can hardly get the straw into.

Don't like Kahlua.
Love real ale esp Thornbridge Jaipur IPA.

Hate British lager..Carlsberg, Heiniken etc.

Despise lager drinkers! LOL
I love water, my most favourite beverage; can;t think of anything I hate.
Can't bear even the thought of Pernod, after one dreadful night in the 80's.
I love very strong home-made ginger beer.
Love- white rum and coke, hate - baileys,malibu and southern comfort.
I enjoy them all so far with one exception, Amaretto! :oP
I said I didnt like gin, but i do like sloe gin...homemade of course,
Cider fresh off the press
Rose`s lime juice cordial
ginger beer
full bodied red wines
Pain Killers and Caipirinhas.
most red wines (esp Burgundies, Bordeauxs, Meritages and Merlots). NZ sauv blancs, some Oz Rieslings and good German wines).

The occasional pint and being here in Cornwall, Cider

G & T (Tanqueray 50% and Schweppes Diet Tonic 50%, loads of ice and slice of lime (which is also squeezed) - occasionally withj a slice of cucumber

Good Malt splash of water, XO Cognac (Hennessy) and XO Armagnac and Calavados.
Vintage Port and Madeira.
Occasional Cointreau on the rocks

Vodka you can keep as its tasteless, except Mongolian.....Don't mind rum but not bacardi, first thing I barfed on when it came to ethanol.
Hate ...

Man beer ... (tastes horrid)

Guinness ... (gives you gut rot, apparently ... haven't actually tried it)

Lager ... (makes everyone think you're a lesbian)

Cider ... (makes everyoneone think you're a West Country lass)
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I remember Babycham being one of my first alcoholic drinks looked great in the fancy glass, haven't tasted it for years is it still available.
I hate pernod tastes of aniseed !!
i like blossom hill red wine, to be fair im not a big drinker
soft drinks i love elderflower cordial yum
Depends on the location sometimes. For Example - I would never drink a pina colada with the lads. But lived on them in Jamaica!
JD and diet coke, Southern Comfort with either coke or Lemonade. Beer wise, a cold Peroni hits the spot
Hate vodka, always have.

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