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Nautilus | 18:48 Fri 28th Aug 2009 | Drinks
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I went into my local Somerfield to buy some sparkling spring water (I need to drink 2 litres of water each day for medical reasons) .A 2 litre bottle of Highland spring water was �1.75.A 2litre bottle of Somerfield spring water was 35p,and their VALUE bottles (same size) were 13p !!Someone's making big profits .


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Indeed, and what is wrong with making a profit?

Your choice whether you contributr to such a profit.
I would drink tap water and save even more money.
the highland water will be proper spring water and somerfield's will just be carbonated tap water.
I agree with albalass,
The Highland Spring will be water from a natural spring,with carbon dioxide added.
The Somerfield (value and ordinary) will be basically carbonated tap water,hence the difference in price.
I buy Badoit or Perrier,or sometimes Evian.These are Mineral Waters,that is water that has percolated through rock.These three are also some of the very few that are naturally carbonated,that is they bubble to the surface containing natural carbon dioxide.
They are expensive,but as Rollo says,you pays your money,and makes your choice.
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If it is labelled as "Table water" it is basically tap water. If it is called spring water, it must come from a spring.
My own choice is ASDA's 'Glenburn Spring' - spring water from Lennoxtown in the Campsie Fells north of Glasgow and Loch Lomond. You can buy it in either still or carbonated form. I buy the packs of 4x2 litre bottles for less than £2.00

My concern is not in the margin of profits being made, but on the environmental impact of having so much plastic going to landfill sites. So why do I buy bottled water? Two reasons. I don't have a supply of drinking water at work, and I don't trust (or like the taste of) what's put into our domestic water supply.

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Spring Water

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