Red wine makes me sick............

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chilihead | 16:04 Wed 24th Oct 2007 | Drinks
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..............and its coming up to that seasonal time of year where I need to avoid Mulled Wine, which inevitably leads to me being asked countless times why red wine makes me so ill....................I've never been able to provide an answer. I can drink white wine and Rose (dry or medium - don't like the sweet ones) - although I usually feel awful the next morning. Lager and spirits don't cause me a problem unless I over-indulge. So does anyone have any idea as to what red wine could contain that makes me immediately and violently ill ? It always has - I've never been able to drink more than a couple of mouthfuls. I can add red wine to cooking sauces and I'm just makes me very sick if I sup it. Cheers!! ;-)


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Its not something to do with the sulphites in the wine, im nt an expert by the way
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Some white wines contain more sulphites than do reds, so if you're OK with whites, it may be something else, like the tannins found in reds..
Not much consolation, but have a look here
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Thanks guys - I didn't think it was sulphites as I can eat dried fruit with no problems.

Heathfields link was useful though!! Looks like I have an "idiosyncratic allergy to one or more naturally occurring chemicals in some red wines".

Not sure I'll be experimenting with different red wines to find out exactly what chemical, as lots of wines have already made me ill. I'll be staying away from the mulled wines again, for sure!!

Thanks for the links - nice to know I'm not alone!
I love, love, love red wine but can't drink much from Oz as it makes me very ill ( to much tannin activity ) . Try something like Tesco's finest Argentinian Malbec about seven quid a bottle at non offer rates, Argento do a Malbec too, usually a bit cheaper.

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Red wine makes me sick............

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