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miznailz | 20:13 Thu 09th Aug 2007 | Drinks
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I have been bought a few bottles of Champagne as presents & as it is such a special drink I like to save for something special. One bottle I've had for a very long time (over 10 yrs), it has been kept in a dark cool place on its side the others are 2 or 3 yrs old. They are Lanson & Bollinger, not vintage. are they ok to drink after that length of time.


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I thought you were supposed to drink champagne within one year? I'm sure other people will know better than me though ;-)
I hope not, I got mine for my 18th 10 years ago and I'm keeping mine for when I have my first child Drinks/Question432292.html

I think 10years is a long time; but who knows,it could be great. You'll not know until you open it
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Thanx for your replies, i did open it & it didnt taste as nice as it should have so only drank 1 glass :-( I know in future not to keep it for too long!
Non vintage - the advised time on lay is three to four years only.I have been told that Aussie sparking should be 'chilled and killed' within a year. For othr info look here : /les_conseils.php

Shame your champagne wasn't good. However ,as it was a gift, perhaps you can be happy with the thought that you didn't waste your money on an expensive snobbish drink.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy champagne but wouldn't buy a bottle for just Viv and me, when I know that Spanish Carver is made by the same method and costs a fraction of the price; and tastes just as good.

I recall a programme on TV whereby sparkling wines were being put to a test. It was explained that Champagne has bubbles which come from a second fermentation within the bottle and, whilst there are others made by the same method ( Sparkling Vouvray, Carver etc.) there are others (e.g. Asti Spumante.) which have been injected with gas (CO2.) just as is lemonade. Members of the studio audience were then invited to taste samples and a rather well spoken lady said that she would not give any guests in her house the drink which she had sampled; because, in her opinion, it was 'gassed-up wine'. Unfortunately for the lady concerned, she had been given a glass of the most expensive champagne which was being tested at the time.(About 12 years back; �24 a bottle.)

Makes you think about drink!!

Cheers......Ron.( Quite sober at this moment.)

P.S. sense4all may agree......The 2/3 year olds should be o.k. but , to make sure, drink as soon as possible.
Thinking that I'm still sober.....I apologise for having mis-spelt CAVA. You know what I mint. Please don't dink I'm thull......R
In blind testing a couple of years ago the Cava that wow-ed was Somerfields ...they even pitched it against Champagnes. Sometimes when I am feeling minxie I sub. it especially for pretentious people ... makes my day.
the word you need to look for on a good bottle of Cava is method traditional.
Here is the results of the awards recieved at wine events for Somerfields Cava listed under Spain. uide/awardwinningwines/index.asp

Good on yer S-4-A. No doubt you serve the Sub suitably chilled and the bottle appropriately wrapped with a table napkin to hide the label.!!

Useful info on the Somerfield site which I have downloaded.......Thanks...Ron.
Ron, I am even naughtier than that, I leave a recently sunk big name empty on the bar and pour the other out of sight. Then smile sweetly as some talk utter rot ... I probably have unresolved 'issues' from my socialist upbringing ... LOL.
Hi S-4-A. Both my wife Viv and I are O.A.Ps. ( Old and Passive!!.) However we really do appreciate your young minxie aplomb. Only hope that miznailz has benefitted from the material we have woven with this thread.

No doubt we'll meet up again through AB. In the meantime I would wish you to know:-

Your secret is safe with me,
About the empty magnum on your bar, just to see;
Whilst Cava you pass,
As Champagne in cut glass;
Then laugh up your sleeve with great glee.

Hi sense4all......Hope you are still threaded into this item and are fit and fizzy. Same goes for miznailz who put us into contact.

I just couldn't bottle-up what I've read in today's Daily Mail.

Come next Monday we will be able to buy NV Champagne at �5. a bottle....Woolworths are putting it on sale in 15 uk stores. (Those with a drinks licence.)

Could this be the beginning of bursting bubbles.? About time too.!

Ron....( your Cava companion.!)

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