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hansumguy | 16:41 Tue 29th May 2007 | Drinks
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For the past few months my body ain't able to digest alcoholic drinks.It is said that body flushes out liquor in 6 hours but in my case no matter how much I drink(30 ml or 60 ml or 90 ml) it stays for more then 24 hrs.My breath stinks of alcohol even after 24 hours.It is very embarasing.Can anyone help me out pls.


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Go to the doctors you idiot!
...or stop drinking?

the idiot suggestion is pretty sensible!!
Yeah definately go to the doctor. you never know what kinda state your liver is in!
clean your teeth twice and chew gum

there you go
Perhaps if you bypassed your mouth, and inject it directly into your bloodstream you wouldn't have the stinky breath problem!
Alcohol gets broken down at the rate of one unit per hour. A unit is a glass of wine, half a pint of beer or 1 shot of spirits. (obviously varies with strength of product, but this is a rough guide).

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