guinness and blackthorn...

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squirelpoo | 14:46 Thu 09th Nov 2006 | Drinks
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any ideas what to add to guinness or blackthorn to make it abit better..


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did you mean add the blackthorn and guinness together or add the black to thr cider or guinness,
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or a bit of blackcurrant to either

also, a shot of port in a pint of guiness is nice
2/3 Guinness and 1/3 champagne is nice on Christmas morning while you open the pressies - must be bottled Guinness though.
port in guiness is truly fantastic as Bob says... add a blue curacao to the cider
I once had a load of redbull cans that i had to use up and for some reason was taken with the idea of topping up a pint of caffreys (i'd had one mouthful) and it was quite nice as i remember. Now i know caffreys is a bitter/stout and obviously guinness is quite a bit thicker and more characteristic in taste, but it might work? Let me know if you try it.
For Guinness- add a shot or two of Kahlua. Absolutely gorgeous. Kahlua is also good in hot chocolate by the way.

The best thing to do with Blackthorn is give it to a local wino.
I agree with Melliexr aboput the blackthorn, but even the local winos might not like it too much - pour the revolting stuff down the drain and get some decent cider!

Had a few nasty experiences on Blackthorn in the past, and it just tastes like cheese to me now!

Guinnes is nice with a shot of Baileys in, so I am told.

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guinness and blackthorn...

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