Nice Non Alcoholic Summer Drink

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Elina | 17:00 Sat 25th Apr 2015 | Drinks
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I bought a few lines & lemons, quartered them & put them in the freezer in plastic freezer boxes. I get one out at a time, microwave for 30 seconds or until thawed, squeeze in to the bottom of a glass ... (put the whole thing in skin too) ... & pour some soda water over the top. Really refreshing!


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I read it as 'limes'

Lime and soda is my drink too.
So,,soda and lemon then. I prefer lime myself.
I used to make copious amounts of Lemon Barley Water in the summer holidays - the children loved it.
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Hi ummmm, saves fruit going to waste & ready prepared x
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Hi mamya, mum used to make that for us too!
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Hi Zacs ..
I like iced lemon tea....very refreshing !
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mikey, iced lemon tea is delicious!

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Nice Non Alcoholic Summer Drink

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