Going Off Lager.....

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ELVIS68 | 17:43 Mon 14th Apr 2014 | Drinks
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I fancy trying some bitter or real ale, any suggestions on a decent one from the supermarket I can try on my week off this week?



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Mr.c said 'Old speckled hen' is good.
And Theakston's old peculiar.
Old speckled hen!
Try Doom Bar if you can find it
Timothy Taylor's Landlord is excellent on draught - don't know about in bottles/cans though
old speckled hen

I'll let you know of a few that you might like. It sounds like you would maybe prefer a lighter coloured beer if you're usually a lager drinker
We'll go with Old Speckled Hen :-)
Duchars might be a good transition beer. Welcome to real drinking ;-)
Agree with the ones mentioned - also Bishop's Finger and Spitfire are good.
Get some of these down thi neck lad
Nowt wrong with a Fursty Ferret either...
I changed my drink from Carlsberg to bitter years ago and was lucky that my local served John Smith's Smooth.Almost as good from the can and fairly cheap in most supermarkets.
WHOZ makes a good point which means I'm probably not the best one to contribute, but for what it is worth:

IMO Speckled Hen is ok, but I think gets more recommendations than it should. I'd go along with Theakston's Old Peculiar, which may be my favourite, and Sharp's Doom Bar too. Also Wychwood makes some good brews, try their Hobgoblin. But there are so many. Go find a few CAMRA recommended pubs and spend a while sampling them all. (Get a lift back home afterwards.)

Dare I suggest trying a porter? Shepherd Neame make a superb one which is sold as 'London Porter' in Sainsbury's but as 'Whitechapel Porter' in Asda.
Old speckled hen or John Smiths smooth
John Smith's Smooth is the Devil's drink - awful stuff IMO
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Thanks for all your answers, I'm going to give Old Speckled Hen a try seeing as Tesco are doing 6 x 500ml bottles for £7
>>>John Smiths smooth?????

You've got to be joking!!!

Yorkshire has many wonderful breweries and one terrible one (which, regrettably, seems to be rather better at marketing than some of the others), i.e. John Smith's. Worse still, any so-called 'smooth' beer will always put texture ahead of flavour (which, in the case of John Smith's Smooth Bitter, is almost totally absent anyway).

Like all Greene King ales, Old Speckled Hen is a good 'standby' beer (when you can't find anything else of quality) but there are far, far better beers out there.

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Going Off Lager.....

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