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ELVIS68 | 17:43 Mon 14th Apr 2014 | Drinks
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I fancy trying some bitter or real ale, any suggestions on a decent one from the supermarket I can try on my week off this week?



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Buenchico - I think you are my soulmate now!
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One more question, fridge or no fridge?

Not sure whether that is best served chilled or at room temperature
Room temperature everytime for beers and ales
Beer should be served at cellar temperature which is slightly less than room. But IMO it is better to taste real ale at room temperature than chill it to death in the fridge.
London Pride by Fullers. Serve at room temperature
I drink my bottled beers (other than lagers and wheat beers) at room temperature [but that, of course, assumes that it's a reasonably cool room - I'm not suggesting drinking warm beer!].

If you do decide to lightly chill your beer, remember that CAMRA states the ideal cellar temperature for real ales is 12C to 14C.
I'm with Old Geezer anything by Wychwood brewery!
If you have a Morrison’s nearby, Elvis, have a look in. Of the big supermarkets they seem to do the best range of bottled “real ales”. There are so many to choose from and some of those that have been mentioned meet my taste. You’ll find some you like but it takes YEARS of practice to find the one you like best. I‘m still having a whale of a time finding the right one!!

Among my recommendations:

Any of the Adnams (Suffolk brewery) ales are very good, especially Lighthouse and Broadside.
Everard’s Tiger (Leicester)
The range of Hall & Woodhouse “Badger“ bitters are great (Dorset)
Harvey’s, (Sussex)
Hook Norton (Oxfordshire) Old Hookey is a lighter ale.
Hornbeam (Hampshire) HSB (I call it Hextra Strong Bitter but I think it’s Hornbeam Special Brew)
Shepherd Neame (Kent) Spitfire and Bishps Finger

These are just a few. There are far too many that I like to mention here. I won’t comment on John Smith’s !!!!

A few tips:

DO NOT keep bottled ales in the fridge. It knocks the life out of them and in any case, as has been said, they taste better at room temperature or, ideally, cellar temperature. Only mass produced lager has to be served freezing cold. (If it was served at cellar temperature or above drinkers would be able to taste it and they’d never sell any).

If you get a chance visit a pub which serves decent real ale.

If you really want the chance to sample a wide range visit a local beer festival or, if you can, the Great British Beer Festival in London in August.

Above all, try as many as you can because, as I'm sure you've gathered, the variety is so great

Happy Drinking !!!
Technically OSH is a Moreland brewery beer. Moreland is now owned by Green King. It gives me a right hangover too.
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Popped in Tescos on my way home and ended up buying Greene King Selection box, 2 x Old Speckled Hen, 2 x IPA and 2 Old Golden Hen

If you want Real Ale you need to go to the pub and get a pint of Doom Bar down your neck!! not that bloody old supermarket stuff!!
Why not try them all in turn and enjoy finding out which you like.
badger beer - tanglefoot
black sheep. that's not too bad.
never serve bitter or real ale at less than room temperature. that kills the flavour.

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