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derekpara | 22:32 Sat 13th Jul 2013 | Drinks
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I've got several bottles of wine that have been in store for ten years or more.

Before I post descriptions of the wines, are there any expert/knowledgeable ABers out there who could provide a reasonable assessment on whether they will still be ok or whether they will be undrinkable ?




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The 85 Mouton - if kept well should be brilliant (and under 13C)- will keep longer - under your stair case well ok. The Vieille Ferme - questionable but drink now. It may well have lost a wee bit of its taste. It's a good honest robust wine that many French restaurants use. It's a good bottler in Perrin et Fils The Chemin des Mulets 1996 - yep ok but drink up - pretty...
09:54 Sun 14th Jul 2013
That's a bit of an assumption, SJ
So Derek, you post something at half ten and then leave us all guessing. Bad form old boy.
Anyway, derek, please answer the opening question then the list the wines you have and vintage year and I'll take a look first thing in the morning, as the sack beckons.
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Champagne. I think it says Sol Aime but the writing is very fancy, it may be Pol Aime. It also says France. I cannot see a year on the bottle. Does this mean I was bought a cheapo bottle for my birthday? It really doesn't matter. I dislike champagne. It makes me very thirsty whether it's a good one or a bad one. I would like to know though..
Pol aime Jeza. Not exactly vintage but hey, chill it well enough and it will be quaffable in this heat.
Jeza - it's one out of the Tesco's stable (Pol Aimé) and used to retail in around £15 (rrp 25).

Should be ok if it's say 7-8 years old, the sugar levels in a Brut being fairly low....assuming it hasn't been sitting in 35 degrees C.
as to drinkability, quaffable is the verdict. If you were to be into Charles Heidsieck or vintage Bollinger, probably not for your palate but to knock off tomorrow pm, well then yes.
Along with a list of what they are, could you please also hold them up and tell us how their colour is and how far down the neck they are?
Alcohol is alcohol eh DT.
It's been in the fridge since 2004. It's now on the inventory.
And to add to Shari s post, when you open them how does the cork look and smell.
lol ;-)
Are you both speaking to Derek?
Yes sorry Jeza:)
Shari, are you sure you are telling us your right age ? (Happy birthday, belated, by the way). How do you know about level in the bottle? Are you going to wine auctions ? We always have that in the catalogues and condition reports; it's the first thing that is mentioned.

As to the OP, storage etc is important but some wines age better than others, some are not at their best for years after bottling,some are extraordinarily long-lived;; some great Sauternes are like that, and fortified wines like port and madeira go on for many decades.
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G'morning all.

Sorry if I got you up early but you all seem agog for the finer details so here goes, with dates in ascending order. All the wines are reds, with corks (not screw tops) and seem to have an even colour throughout.

1. Mouton-Cadet. Baron Philippe de Rothschild. 1985.

2.La Vieille Ferme. Cotes du Ventoux. 1990.

3.Le Chemin des Mulets. Chateauneuf des Pape. 1996.

4. Marques de Carano. Gran Reserva. 2002.

5. Chateau Jalousie-Beaulieu. Bordeaux Superieur. 2002.

6. " Grand Bertaud. Premier Cote de Playe. 2003.

7. Le Patrie Cahors. Malbec 2010.

8. Le Marquis Chateauneuf de Pape 2011. Cellier des Dauphins.

Thank you all for your interest. I only hope you could come round and share these with me. !


well you can do this yourself - D
or invite me around for a glass.

I used:

and its about £60 a bottle.

should be OK.

SIngle bottle I would drink yourself with a few frenz
You forgot to say where / how they have been stored.
Question Author
Thanks again.

Bottles stored in racks, on their side, under the stairs with an even, moderately cool temperature.

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