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bluebird34 | 17:29 Sat 29th Jun 2013 | Drinks
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Should hobgoblin beer be stored in the fridge or not


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No, it's proper ale.
It should be kept at around 15 degree C, now it can be chilled but generally room temperature is best, unless you live in a cave or an oven.
I wouldn't chill it but I'd make sure it's kept out of sunlight, like in a pantry possibly
Depends on whether you prefer it cold or not.X
No, it wouldn't taste quite right if chilled.
Mr C like his Hobgoblin straight from the fridge, bluebird... all depends on personal taste I guess... Enjoy! Mrs C x
Generally if it is chilled beyond a certain temperature it just kills the flavour. But like many/some have said, it is purely down to personal preferences
I bought myself a crate for Christmas, drank it straight from the fridge, as I didn't know better until I'd seen this thread and very nice it was too!
it should be drunk not stored!!!
Hobgoblin should be served at 'cellar temperature', which the licensed trade (and CAMRA) recognises as being roughly 12C to 14C.

Storing it in a fridge won't harm it (since it's not 'bottle-conditioned') but it needs to be taken out of the fridge well in advance of drinking it, so that it can reach the correct temperature. (The same applies to white wine. I want to howl in anguish when I see people serving white wine straight from a domestic refrigerator!).

Alternatively, Hobgoblin can simply be stored in a cool place but, if necessary (i.e. on the rare days when it actually gets hot in this country), be given a short spell in a fridge before drinking it.
Buenchico: White wine straight out of the fridge is nothing compaired to people serving Red Wine chilled!
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Thank you all very much - I have a cupboard on the cool side of the house so I will put it in there, its only for a day or two.
NO !

It should be put into a cool place. Fridges are for lagers and other Boys Beers, not real ale.

I've come over all queer just thinking about it !
I've come over all queer just thinking about it !

Hope not mikey, they haven't found a cure yet !.

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