F A O Rowan And Redman.

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tonyav | 10:32 Sun 10th Feb 2013 | Drinks
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The dates for the Walsall beer festival are April 4th, 5th and 6th.


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Thanks for info tonyav, we may try to attend on either Thursday or Friday as we are off on a short Holiday on Saturday !
Hope you are OK ??
Is that a short holiday or a holiday for short people? If so can I come? ;-) x

Hello Redman. x
It's a short Holiday for Tall people that look like Johnny Depp !! :-)))
Hi gness, hope you are well xx
is the beer fest worth going to walsall...
Hi fluff !!
Not sure what it's like as have not been before.
Hope you are well ??
I am a tall person and in a dim light I could pass for Johnny Depp (without the beard, dark hair, his body shape and without any of his facial features).
Oh dear...I don't qualify on any count.......well except for the moustache.

I am very well to Rowan x
Can I be one of your little pirates MrsO?
Gness, your 'tash does not make you look like Johnny Depp.

Peter Wyngarde as Jason King perhaps.....
LOL you two !!
not bad thanks red, how are the wedding preps going?

Harrumph....find your own bloody pirates O..... :-(
Only about 5 weeks to go now fluff, so Rowan and I are pretty busy between everything.
Glad when it's all over in some ways
Gness, we have a Pirates Society here. They get dressed up and raise lots of money for charity at their functions.
Unfortunately they are a complete bunch of bankers
Oh, not long to go Redman.

note to self: get the dust of the best hat
Ahhhh...I'll be a parrot then.
Best Cilla Black Hats it is then Mrs O ! lol
redman - I wish.

I can't wear hats of any description. I always end up looking like the twin sister of Freddy "Parrot Face" Davies
Good luck to you and Rowan with the wedding preparations xx
Many thanks Mrs O !

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