falling out of love with lager

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Zhukov | 15:33 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Drinks
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Never touch the stuff myself!

But are a few coming to their senses,realising most"UK brewed Lager"is merely fizzy water+chemicals!

I enjoy a good Real Ale and the variety/tastes of different Brews.


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You can't beat a good beer. Depth of flavour and aroma.
Never really liked lager, even with lime.
I'm very fond of Theakston's Old Peculier.
Does anyone really like lager ? I know some say they do, but it's just Scandinavian pee with a high alcohol content isn't it ?
LOVE my Becks. won't drink english p**s though.
Sorry to but in Zhukov, SirA, please see my post to you last night in CB.
Very interesting article. Where we are in Gloucestershire there are micro-breweries all over the place, so we're guaranteed a decent beer in most places. And anything from Wychwood (esp. Hobgoblin) is bound to be fantastic. Good news, good news.
I think with alcohol prices increasing people are also looking for more quality, and
My OH appears to like lager...

It gives me heartburn..
Oops I appear to have pressed send before I was ready Doh!.

Er what was i saying?

Yes, there also seems to have been an increase in smaller, independent local breweries which are producing some good ales.

Personally I don't mind lager, on a hot summer's sitting outside dribking a cool glass of lager is great. But then again winter inside with a nice glass of Porter ain't bad either!
Two new microbreweries recenly opened in East Kent, have to be tried, once I get there, obviously a market everywhere for good, tasty beer with no yellow fizz here. Unless Baldric gets there first, as per the song below:

Note: this'll teach them (to drink lager) :-)
I will be sampling a few pints of Silver King (Ossett Brewery) tonight. I quite like a pint of lager on a warm summers day but only Staropramen or 1664 i.e. summat wi a bit o flavour.
never mind the beer or larger ,get with the real stuff a gin and tonic -ice and a slice if there is room inthe glass:-)
The thing which always puzzles me about lager is how they train the cats to squat over the bottle.
Lager & bit of flavour??????????

Never justifiably heard in the same sentence for me...

Canary - v funny lol
Back in my drinking days I used to love a pint or six of Stella, still do occasionally! Each to their own!
There are SOME good lagers brewed in this country. These are brewed just down the road from me:
I really like Tsing Tao with a chinese meal.
Anyone else tried it?
Remember drinking Stella in Belgium years ago and it was a superb tipple. Anything which is bulk made and sold loses its true character so I'm sure I would enjoy Calvors.
shoota yes i tried tsingtao and its quite nice,someone tried it once when i went for a chinese meal.

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falling out of love with lager

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