What's the worst thing your older child has done to the youngest?

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tigwig | 11:16 Sun 14th Nov 2010 | Family
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Well this is nothing really but last night I caught my 6yr old telling off her 10mth baby brother who was in his jumperoo bouncing happily. Everytime he jumps it plays music and she was watching The Simpsons. So, not realising I was just outside the room she went over to him and said in a really evil but low voice no, no, no stop jumping. He just looked at her in confusion than slowly shook his head! I didn't intefere at the time but did mention it to her later the little sod. It just got me thinking what I have to come in the future, I'm sure it will get a whole lot worse than that.


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bless them, lol!

my sister has 2 girls (now in their 20s) and the older one (aged about 3) was really mean about the baby. my sister said , "right, let's just throw her in the bin then!", scooped up the baby, went to the big garden bin, took off the lid, held the baby over the bin and big sister said.. "NO!" (brief sigh of relief from my sister) followed by... "let ME do it!"
I don't have children, but when I was almost 3 I was caught standing over my sister's pram hitting her. My grandmother came out and told me off and gave me a long lecture on why I shouldn't hit babies. She goes back in, only to see me hitting my sister again. My grandmother once again comes out and asks me why I was hitting my sister again. Apparently I very sweetly replied "I wanted you to tell me that story about hitting babies again Nanni".
my eldest when she was 7 (sister is 6 years younger) tried to put her 1 year old sister into a box tape it up and wanted to post her to santa to swap her for a rabbit !!!!!
shes 18 now lol
I was about 10 and my father was pushing me on the swing (by pulling my legs from the front, not pushing at the back) and my little brother ran behind the swing. The wooden seat cracked him right across the mouth - he was only about 2 at the time. He was so lucky he didn't lose his baby teeth or have any lasting damage. I remember my dad being so upset that he did the washing up (he never did normally) while we waited for someone to take us to hospital - mum had gone out for the day and left him in charge.
When my girls were little the youngest stabbed the eldest in the hand with a vegetable peeling knife. I think they were aged 5 and 3 at the time.
Not to each other, but when my bro was about 18 months old he sat on mum's lap at the dinner table, and seized hold of the carving fork. I tried to get it off him but was told that I was making it worse, so I let go, and the rebound made it stab my mother in the cheek. I still cringe when I think it could have gone in her eye....
I also remember baby bro jumping on me when I was darning (crumbs, those were the days) and looking very surprised, he'd jumped right on the darning needle and it went about 2 inches into his thigh. Still makes me shudder!
When they were about 2.5 and 1.5 the eldest pushed the younger one down the stairs just as I was taking his hand - it slipped through my fingers and he tumbled to the bottom - luckily he was fine.

When they were about 3.5 and 2.5 - eldest pushed the youngest as eldest was sitting on midi bunk and younger was climbing up. He slipped and cracked his chin of the flat step and put is teeth through his lip and had to eat with a straw for about a week - it also damaged his baby teeth and they turned grey. Luckily his adult teeth were not affected but we a worrying few years waiting to see!

Haven't done anything since and they are now 10 and 9 so here's hoping!
my OH is 7 years younger his brother, the brother was MEAN!! He put a nail in a gas fire waited until it was hot then had his little bother take it out with his hands, encouraged him to put chewing gum in his long hair so that it had to be cut out, blew up his motorbike....the list goes on!

I once suggested that my brother ate a packet of salt while we were on a very long boring car journey....I told him it was sugar, he was v.sick!! oops!

My girls are aged 2.5 yrs and 10 weeks, the 10 week old will have to be so tough to survive her big sisters very enthusiastic cuddles and kisses...I swear if she says "I
wanna 'old the baybeee" again I'll scream!!! Love some of the other stories though :)
The latest thing was when the 5 year old and the 6 year old put one of the 2 years olds in a box, with soft toys, a pillow and a blanket and shut the lid - he seemed quite happy but I've no idea how long he was in there for.
I'm one of 6, 2 brothers older than me and 3 sisters younger. All the girls used to share one bedroom and they used to gang up on me and steal my nightie leaving a note saying the silent 3 have struck again - as though I wouldn't know who they were. This went on for ages and it really annoyed them that it didn't bother me a jot
I remember my brother stabbing me so hard with a pencil that the lead broke off in my leg and my dad had to fish it out with a needle beore my mum got home. I remember getting a black eye too after racing each other round the house and having a cheating shove into a radiator and a few split lips!

I remember him doing something to upset me once and stringing up a zipwire from my bedroom window to the garden and giving his Garfield toy a bit of an extreme sports experience with an extra jolt just as it was flying over the pond...

Mind you, my dad did a classic once. I was due to go get my wisdom teeth taken out under anaesthetic the next day and had a watch with a wire mesh strap which had got stuck and I couldn't get it off. Had to remove it before going to the clinic so dad decided to try and get it off with some pliers and...a hacksaw!!!

It just ended up getting so tight on my wrist they had to take me up the local fire station where the nice firemen managed to remove it.
I went to a friend's wedding reception, just a small one in their house. They had a little boy of about two and a half. Two other guests had brought their infant, who was asleep in a cot upstairs.
I don't to this day know why I did it, but I went upstairs to where the infant was sleeping and found the toddler sitting on his face.
That was over 20 years ago, and I still get goosepimples when I think of it.
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Oh God that's awful annemollie, you must have had a sixth sense. My niece once did that actually to her little sister, you just reminded me!
Thanks everyone else, you have made me smile!
My son used to put his little sister in the Ali Baba linen basket and put the lid on. I have a brilliantly funny photograph that I took (what a caring mother....) of her emeging from the said basket, screaming....

A year or so later my son used to pull his little sister along in the trailer behind his tractor, He would pedal as fast as he could then turn sharply so she would fall out. She got her own back eventually by pushing him through the front door - a glass front door!!! Luckily he escaped unscathed....

Years later we lived on a farm. For some bizarre reason there was a machete left on the ground by one of the farmworkers, near to where they were playing. My daughter was being teased - she didn't like that, so she picked up the machete and threw it right at his head. It missed, just whizzing past his ears and headl Luckily he escaped unscathed.....

Oh how we all laugh when we remember those days ;-)
My brother used to use me as his opponent (sp) to practise his wrestling - whether I wanted him to or not.
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Not having small children in the house, we were not as careful with risky things as we should have been - but our little nieces came to visit, just for an hour, and I caught one of them pouring liquid weedkiller into the cats' drinking bowl, she had found the bottle under the worktop.... we learned very fast from that experience.
He told his little sister there was no Father Christmas, just Mummy and Daddy putting out the presents.

Mind you, he may have been trying to allay her fears of the strange old beardy man coming into her bedroom.
I've got identical twin boys, they are 20. One was living with his girlfriend for a year, they split up and he moved out, his twin brother moved in the next day. The only reason he wasn't beat up was because his brother didn't want to upset me, thank god. Didn't take sides. though did make it very clear that it was not what you do to your own brother. Made family gatherings VERY uncomfortable. They lasted a year thank god she is out the picture, was praying son number 3 wouldn't go down that road lol.
My two are 5 and 2, and they haven't more than a little jumping on each other....Yet!

But I have an older brother, he once broke my arm throwing me onto the floor to tickle me, I was about 6 he was 9 years older! Then I remember him pouring me a drink of juice as Mum was putting my hair up for school and he gave me a glass of malt vinegar, TBH the list could go on and on hehe! We wasn't the best of friends until I was 19 and he & his now wife had their 1st son, now I really couldn't be without him, best matey brother at last!!!

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