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Jipper | 19:51 Sun 22nd Aug 2010 | Family
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If our family hosts an au pair girl, how strict are we allowed to control the way she dresses? Has anybody any experiences?

I understand it's not good to wear revealing clothes, as she works in a house where a family with children, but that's not what I mean

I don't talk about "au pair girl uniform", I know she needs to dress comfort for everyday work, but if it's a special occassion in the family. Is it OK to tell her to wear something better? Can I require her to dress better for weekends, like blouse and skirt? She's actually working in the family, not on a holiday.


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personally i dont think one person should have any say over what another chooses to wear. I would think the way he/she looks after your children is far more improtant
I agree with Bednobs. What she wears has no bearing on her ability to care for your children and as her employer that should be your only concern.
I'd say as any employer you can "reasonably" request that she wears clothes which are suitable for the job.
you could always offer a decent store voucher for maybe £200, so that she can buy some suitable clothes that she likes.
An employer can have a dress code though it should be written into a contract. You could supply suitable clothes for her and its up to her to wear them or risk her job.
i would just informally say, we have a do at the weekend and we are all getting dressed up so could you wear your best clothes.

if you start picking at individual items, i think you might long as theyre clean and comfortable, i think theyre ok
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As I said, if I don't care much for what she wears for ordinary weekdays, I talk about establishing a strict dress code if we have a party or something in the family, If so, I want her to wear a white blouse and a black skirt, or at least a white button shirt and some black pants. I've actually heard of some families doing this . Do I need to pay for the clothes?
have you considered contacting a site that deals with au pairs instead?
it would be worth reading the specs on au pairs as well
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Thanks cazzz1975, but it doesn't seem to mention anything about clothes.
Think of what may happen in, say, a couple of years

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Au Pair Girl Clothes

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