Dotty grandmother?

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NicciParris | 12:41 Sat 31st Jul 2010 | Family
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I have a 50 year old colleague who in most respects is a nice person. I feel guilty typing this but I want to ask advice in cyber space. If I'm being mean please tell me.

She has a 2 year old grandson. It goes without saying he is her pride and joy. But what is driving me and my workmates mad in the office is that every conversation, she will not only turn it around towards the subject of her grandson, she will also do very long detailed impersonations of what he says, complete with toddleresque speech impediments. It is so constant throughout the working day that it's really getting on my nerves. I should stress that two of the women I share an office with are also loving grandmothers and they think she is potty too. A couple of weeks ago a company exec visited us and Potty Grandmother immediately accosted him about the weather. He politely gave the standard small talk of how he hoped the climate would last into the evening.
Grandmother: "I don't want it humid tonight. I'm looking after Monster Man (her grandson) for Madam (her daughter)."
Executive, confused: "Rrrright."
Grandmother, adopting toddler voice: "It too warm Jimmy want ice cweam. Gwandpoppa take Jimmy to park? Gwa-gwa-gwandpoppa ice cweam melt."
Executive: (silence)

But she will also do impersonations of how she THINKS her grandson will respond to a particular situation. She is a rather loud and talkative person anyway and it's quite difficult to stop her in midflow. I don't want to hurt her feelings and her love for her grandchild is natural and none of my business. Do you think I should just zone out when she goes toddler?


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she sounds like a bit of a fruitcake, and her line-manager should be having a word with her if it's affecting her (and others) ability to produce any work.
TBH, I wouldn't want to annoy her too much as she sounds insane. I've never met the woman and she scares the bejeesus out of me!!
Sorry but this has made me laugh! She does indeed sound very potty. I think I would just try the subtle approach first and immediately change the subject and talk over her when she begins this carry on. Try this for a few days and see if she gets the message. If not then maybe you could have a word with her if you dare or see if anyone else dare. I'm afraid its a case of either saying something or putting up with it. You are definitely not mean though and it would do my head in too.
pick a subject to bore her to death with she might shut up then what about your prize collection of stamps?
or how interesting you find fluff?
or your prize rock collection ?
she might get the hint then lol
Send her an email............
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no reply, Nicci?
This woman is clearly round the bend -- avoid at all costs.
If it wasn't for the daughter bit of the story, then I might've thought this was about my MIL - Eddie I REALLY wish you could explain these boundaries to my MIL, she has no idea!

Nicci, I would just keep away from her, or as sara said, try having a word with the line manager
I talk about my grandson alot at work as he is the light of my life, he's 11 now and starts high school in september and I have even more to say about him than ever!!! Don't expect it to end soon but she does sound abit over the top! Does she actually get to see him alot? I wonder if there is infact a rift and her talk is a way of dealing with NOT seeing him as much as she wants.
do it back. invent a relative who is stayin with you an do the same to her...let her see how it comes across...interrupt her stories with your own, stopping her dead saying oh mine does that too etc
Once knew a chap who had only two topics of conversation: Golf and his ancient Citroen car. Drove us all mad.
Completely understand why she is driving you mad. I recently had a collegue who talked all day and did nothing. We told our Manager who thankfully knew all about it. He doesn't work here anymore

I'm not saying that she has to be gotten rid of but people will carry on doing what they do until someone picks them up on it
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Thanks for the answers, People. Yesterday one of my colleagues came up with the idea of talking over the PG when she's on a roll. I know it sounds ill-mannered, but it's only what PG does to us! Hopefully she might get the message.
Isn't that what Tigwig suggested over two days ago?????

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