Peter Andre - a thoroughly decent bloke!

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Woody23 | 21:49 Thu 10th Jun 2010 | Family
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Watching his "Next chapter" show. A fine fellow with real values..


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Oh pfft!

You mean a programme which he has final say on everything that's shown shows him on his best behaviour? Who'd have thunk it!
You'll be saying next that Katie Price is an upstanding member of the community and a great example of Womankind....

(Actually, I do like Peter Andre, but Boo is right).
B00 is right, it's him on his 'best' behaviour. Don't get me wrong, I think he appears to be a better parent than Katie (I've always thought that though, when they were married) but he's so cheesy! I cringe everytime he does those stupid accents etc. I couldn't be with someone like him - he's too full of himself.
he's hardly going to an @rsehole on his own show
Very good looking but thick as two short planks! IMO
I prefer him to Jordan/Katie..
peter andre is a soppy f*cker

good dad but he sings crap songs
Peter Andre, Katie Price, Kerry Katona and her ex money gubbing fella are all trash in my opinion.
I admire him and enjoy his show. Even went to see him! Nice guy :n)
IQ of a paving slab !
Lets be honest he is a Z lister trying to prolong his career as long as possible like last time. I think he is an absolute attention needing pr***
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Well I disagree with all of you, except Cute Toni. He is doing his best for his kids in very difficult circumstances. You can't fault him for his tenacity - he's making the best of what god has given him. A top bloke!!
Well at least we agree that Toni is cute
Where would he be if he hadn't hitched up with that awful woman?

Why do you think he did that? To get 'celebrity' status of course.

I'm sick of the pair of them.

Toni is cute sure, but has rotten taste in men.
Andre plays the media game very well with his 'Butter wouldn't melt/I really love my kids/I'm great at playing the martyr' act

Jordan played right into his hands when they split up by acting like a *** and generally being an obnoxious b itch
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But he does have a really nice smile and sings great songs.
so did ken dodd
I think he's nice..........but he's defo thick.
Gah! St Peter of Andre is always playing to the camera!
" He is doing his best for his kids in very difficult circumstances"

Which ones would those be? The sizable bank account? Or the constant jet lag from partying round the world?

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Peter Andre - a thoroughly decent bloke!

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