Fancy dress ideas for 7 year old boy.

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Pottyone | 14:03 Sun 17th Jan 2010 | Family & Relationships
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I need to make a fancy dress outfit for my 7 year old son, ready for when we go on holiday, somewhere where they hold regular kids' fancy dress competitions. So I am looking for ideas that are fairly easy to make (sewing is not my forte), unusual, imaginative, and won't take up too much room in the boot. Ideas that were done last year by other kids were a rubbish tip (dressed in a black bag with clean cartons, cans etc stuck to it), a pair of dice (2 large boxes painted black), and all the usual Power Rangers, Batmans, cowboys etc. He was so disappointed last year when he didn't win I would just like to give him a fighing chance this year, bless him! Thanks for any help.


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Colour him Blue, put a Loin Cloth on him and he can go as 'Avatar' !
Postbox? You could just paint a big cardboard box red, make a slot for letters, and copy collection details from a real one. You could bend the box flat and reshape when you get there. You could have letters hanging out of it to show how Royal Mail have reduced collections!
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Like the postbox idea. Have thought about getting a sheet, sewing it into a square, sticking some wood across the top so it hangs in a square off his shoulders and then using fabric paint to paint it into a packet of crisps. Can't decide on cheese and onion or ready salted, but it could use a lot of paint. Sorry bednobs but we have seen loads of pirates. It needs to be something not bought from a shop. Keep 'em coming! Otherwise I will go with the postbox idea. No need to cut a hole, just say its taped up due to strikes!
what about making him into a cd. use 2 hula hoops taped together (him in between) and coved in fabric put his favourite design or just writhe copy right over the font i seen it done at halloween and it was brill
I once won a fancy-dress competition dressed as a peapod - sad, but true lol. Canoe-shaped green cardboard or crepe paper (can you still buy that?) for his back, paint his face green and a row of green balloons below his face.
Perhaps a plain white man's shirt with the buttoning-upfrontage part removed and sewn up to make a long shift which he can pull over his head, and a red & white tea towel with a band he can put round his head to make him look like Lawrence of Arabia.
box of popcorn - cover box with striped (red and white) paper - cover top with cloth leaving hole for head and stick pieces of popcorn around the top. You can make a band as a hat to match
Sorry but however hard you try if there is a tiny cute baby/toddler in the comp. They will win, whatever they wear! Im not bitter!!!!
Bind him up in loo roll and he could go as a mummy.I did this with my son when he was at school.Unfortunately it was at an outdoor venue and it rained,bit of a soggy mess!
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Rupert Bear.......

brown trousers.....

red jumper

make a check scarf with a length of yellow material,,snipe the ends in lots of straight lines about 3/4 inches,,,no need for sewing.

Get a girls plastic headband and add some of the yellow material in the shape of ears..stiffen with hair laquer maybe.

Hey presto you have a Rupert Bear.
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Ooh, lots of good ideas. Like the postbox,and the mummy!! Keep em coming!

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