What pots to use for freezing when weaning

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Louise07 | 10:36 Thu 18th Jun 2009 | Family
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Hello, I will soon be starting to wean my baby and am planning on using the Annabel Karmel baby and toddler meal planner book using some of her recipes to make a few portions of each meal to freeze.

I just wondered what type of storage pots to use. I have been looking online and see there are Brother Max ones but there are only 6 in a pack which wont go far, there are Jo Jo Maman Bebe ones and Annabel Karmel ones, or is it best to just buy more ice cube trays to start off with? Thanks for any advice and past experiences.


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baby wont be taking tiny amounts for very long so no real need to spend a fortune on special pots.

Avent do some little posts with lids that are suitable for breast milk through to food. I use these now when i cook too much for my 1 year old. a-sterilised-disposable-cups.asp
My sister in law always used the ice cube trays! Worked a treat!
For small amounts, ice cube trays are fine, but get the rubber flexible type (ikea always have plenty) as they are easier to get the stuff out of. Otherwise, any small pots with lids will be fine - you should be able to get some in most supermarkets or shops - just make sure that they are freezable, microwavable and dish washer proof - they will then be fine if you want to steralise them.
I got some from tesco, their own brand ones, no point in spending a fortune on something to go in the freezer. I also go a pack of tupperware boxes from Ikea. There were loads in the pack and they were really cheap, they had a load of little ones in the pack and some of the bigger tall containers are great for using with a hand blender.
defo ice cube trays, can always defrost extra as babe starts to eat more :o)
When i orderd a cake n cream with my takeaways the cream comes in little plastic round tub i washed them out n used them i think ther brilliant. Just an idea! lol
I'd say start off with ice cube trays but like redcrx says, you won't be using them for long so don't go too mad.

Ikea do a pack of 3 tupperware pots (with a red lid) for 97p. I've bought loads of these and freeze 2 portions in that. My baby doesn't mind having the same meal 2 days in a row.

I bought the brother max pots and have used them about twice!

Good luck with the weaning :-)

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What pots to use for freezing when weaning

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