Test to indicate ethnic background / heritage

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natalie_1982 | 15:25 Mon 23rd Feb 2009 | Family
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Is there a test that can be performed on a person to find out their ethnic background? If they were unsure who their father was for example, but had dark skin, dark eyes, etc that might indicate them being mixed race assuming mum was white?


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I think you can get a blood test that will give some indication of ethnicity. Am thinking of sending my partner to his GP to find out about it as he is adopted and has had some fairly serious health issues in the past year and as certain ethnic types are more prone to certain illnesses than others, it's well worth finding out.
Yes, it's very funny.

There was a channel 4 program where they did tests on a bunch of people who were very proud of their nationality.

One right wing woman tried to sue them when she found out she had significant recent afro-carribean background.

Thing is though it doesn't give you a definate answer because most of us have quite a mix. Someone might appear quite caucasian but have more of such genes than someone who looked quite dark
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Thanks MEJ that's exactly the reason I asked actually. Several people have commented or asked (politely) what Mr Nat's ethnic background is and he doesn't know, but I'd kind of like to know for health purposes for our daughter, who also looks like she could be mixed.

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Test to indicate ethnic background / heritage

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