Step children as next of kin..

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monty0703 | 09:37 Tue 03rd Feb 2009 | Family
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Do step children have the same next of kin rights (with regards to the parents) as fully blood-related children?


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what next of kin rights would these be? Next of kin dosent exist as a concept in law,(except under the mental health act) as anyone can name anyone as their next of kin, or power of attourney etc. Is it an inheritance issue?
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Yes, I was meaning with regards to inheritance where a will hasn't been drawn up.
As bednobs says. anyone can be your next of kin. I was my brothers next of kin because he appointed me so.
Making a will is your best bet and actually stating who you want as your next of kin.
sorry, cross posted with you there monty.
The answer is NO, unless the step children have been adopted by the step parent.
If the question is about the division of an estate where the person who has died has not made a will, then the estate will be divided according to the laws of intestacy. You can google 'UK Laws of Intestacy' which will give you the information you need.
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ok, I'll have a Google - wasn't too sure what to Google so thanks for your answers.
not at all

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Step children as next of kin..

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