Chicken nugget horror!!!!

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tigwig | 17:51 Sun 28th Dec 2008 | Family & Relationships
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Well today I didn't feel like cooking dinner so I went to Sainsburys for a bite to eat with my 4 yr old. She wanted chicken nuggets so after waiting ages they finally arrived and luckily for her she decided instead of eating them whole, like she normally does, she wanted them cut into pieces. So I did and to my horror they were all completely raw in the middle except one! I immediately took them back and the staff member apologised and said they were probed at 89. Obviously just the cooked one was then! She asked if I wanted some more, needless to say I didn't and my daughter had some turkey slices instead. When someone else brought them out I asked for a refund and she said she would go and see. She stroppily came back to the table and said we will give you the money back this time but we don't normally do that! I looked at her incredibly and said are you having a laugh? If my daughter had have eaten those nuggets she could have been seriously ill or worse and you're quibbling over giving me my money back! Your lucky I don't report you! She walked away while I was still speaking and said if I had a problem then to speak to her manager because she didn't have to stand there and be shouted at! I didn't shout. The lady at the next table said the same had happened to her the previous week too!
I spoke to the store team leader on the way out and she was suitably shocked and gave me a �10 gift card. Wow!
Should I report them not bother, what do you think?


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I would write a strongly worded letter of complaint. Her attitude was outrageous!

I would also ring your local council's Environmental Health department.
Yes, definitely. The working practice needs looking into by management/health and safety.
you should probably report it to the Environmental Health dept at your local authority. yuck!
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mrs_o types faster than me!
i'd follow up with the store and see what they have done - if anything, then decide, at v least you'd expect them to investigate how uncooked food was sent out, and have a few words withthe person who served you!
follow her home,flicking frozen chicken nuggets at her,yeah she may not get the irony,but at least you'll feel much better!
They should be reported, pity you didnt keep a couple in a napkin for evidence they werent cooked in the middle.
They could not have been 89 degrees. If this has happened to someone else as well, then the staff are not showing due dilegence. They need retraining.
I am a qualified chef and cant believe they are getting away with this.
If they have sold undercooked food on one than one occasion I'd definitely report them as they need to have their practices and staff training and supervision overhauled, especially with the staff member's attitude.

Eating undercooked food is so dangerous and who knows who could end up eating it, babies to elderley frail people to people who are very ill and it could cause all kinds of problems and even death.

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nk wins the Court Jester prize... again!
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I'm more agog at the woman who'd had it the previous week....and she was back for a repeat performance???
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hahaha! so right boo!
I am quite calm no know. Apart from when people have the audacity to tell me what I am, when they have no idea what they are talking about. This is a widely misguided thought. and a chef can be either sex.
I have certain qualifications including legal ones in my profession.
A cook is someone that cooks.
End of story and have a good evening.
cab, I'm sure you're a brilliant chef!
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Oi, leaver her alone!

takes aim at noknowledge with the frying pan...

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Chicken nugget horror!!!!

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