Isn't this a sign of the times?!

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tigwig | 19:17 Thu 07th Aug 2008 | Family & Relationships
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I was in a lovely family playground today with my sister which was very busy. There was 2 boys stood near a climbing frame just minding their own business when a group of 3 further boys joined them. I would say they were only 12/13 yrs old at the most. All of a sudden this 1 boy pushed one of the others and punched him really hard in the face then took of with his 2 mates. We were really shocked and watched to see where they went. They joined their scrubber looking family on a nearby picnic bench where their mum seemed oblivious. The boy who had been hit was crying although it was obvious he was trying not to show it. Nobody else seemed to have seen anything and not wanting to ignore it I decided to go and see if he was ok. He said he was but didn't want to look weak. I felt so sorry for him and offered to phone his parents but he said they were nearby. They left soon after and we watched to make sure the other lads weren't following them. On the way out they returned with an angry mum in tow who was going to have it out with their mum! I told her they looked rough as hell and to be careful but then had to rush off to get the train. Its honestly just made me really scared of my daughters future because I think girls are just as bad as boys in situations like this and I can't bear to think about her being bullied like this. Are you frightened of what the world today is becoming for your kids?


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i must say i worry about this all the time. my son is 15 and i have worked like a donkey and bent over backwards to ensure he is a decent, hard working, intellegent boy. shame most of the scum sucking numb nuts he goes to school with don't have the same, really. the blame for this lies squarely with the parents - who can't be bothered, don't know any better or shouldn't be allowed to breed in the first place! society and community are very scary places these days...
yep, it does scare me what the world will be like when my little ones grow up.

I just hope that there are still kind and considerate people like yourself who will look out for them if Im not about.

Well done tigwig
agree with red, well done tig

have to say though, your story sounds quite common these days, I worry for my childrens futures because these yobs are tomorrows workforce!

there are too many neglectful parents these days who do not give a monkeys about what there kids are up to

Got to slightly disagree with Cazzz on this one (sorry!)

Just because the boys parents (and bear in mind they were 13 not say 3 or 4) seemed oblivious, it doesn't mean to say they are neglectful of their kids. To be honest, i'm surpised their parents were even there in the first place!!

However, this obviously doesn't escuse the behaviour of the boys, hopefully it was just a case of children showing off with their mates around and not a forerunner of adult thuggery.

Glad to note that the boy who got punched seemed ok tig- and i'd like to say as the others have done- well done for checking he was ok.
sorry boo, my opinion stems from my neighbours who dont really give a monkeys what their kids are up too, I also moved from an area where the moms and dads first thought was the bulk buying of cheap booze rather than the kids

Im sure its not the case everywhere
I am 44 and only have furry-bairns. I didn't have children as I am not at all maternal and would have made a lousy mother.

But many people wander into parenthood without any consideration for the life of the child and whether they would make suitable parents.

They see it as their 'right' to have children and only think of themselves. They many have been brought up as part of a dysfunctional family and they have grasp of parenting skills or how to communicate or interact with their own children.

My brother and his wife are professional people and have two gorgeous children under 5. They are good parents and their children are well balanced and intelligent - but it is continual hard work and there isn't an instruction book. And it doesn't mean that the little ones won't turn into thugs or criminals in later life but they have a good start in life.

Most teenagers are thoughtful and helpful and will turn out to be good adults. I am sure that ever teenager goes through a rebellious stage but most are good at heart. The scary thing is the thugs that you mention in your post tigwig will soon be out there breeding another generation of thugs soon.

wolf and the devil cats
tigwig. My son is nearly 12 and is a green belt Kung Fu. By the time he is 15 he will be a black belt. I absolutely insist that he goes to class every week for the reasons you have given. He is a lovely kind boy, well educated and has self discipline and is surrounded by a loving and in touch family.
I hope for my son to be able to go out when he is a teenager and eventually to bars and enjoy nightlife without worrying that he wont be able to defend himself.
There are a lot of pond-life parents around, who produce pond-life kids, who in turn will turn into pond-life adults and the circle will continue.
My grandsons are aged 23 months and 4 years and we have a granddaughter due in December. I often wonder what the world will be like when they all venture out into it. If I could wrap them up and shield them from horrible things for ever I would do it. I feel much more protective of them than I was when my own kids were growing up. There have always been nasty kids and bullies but thier actions are a lot nastier now.
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im a one of 4 children (second oldest) and we have all been brought up with the same morals etc in a stable safe environment. My older brother and i both were top students and perfect angels as far as school and outside the home were concerned (to an extent) however the second youngest (just turned 12) is the type of boy you jsut described, recently suspended, caught truenting, regularly in fights and no doubt doing other things we havent heard of yet. You cant always blame the parents im afraid, you can do your best in the home but outside there are so many other influences

and if you are going to blame the parents, then surely its their parents fault for not teaching them how to be a "proper" family, so surely its the grandparents, or great grandparents...

i should also mention that my cousin was also a little tearaway (juvenile prison and the likes) and now being 21 he is a hard working man, with a beautiful family and not even nearly resembles what he used to be. Hormones are funny things...

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