children of the opposite sex sharing a bedroom

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rolyratty | 11:07 Wed 30th Jul 2008 | Family
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i recently moved in with my girlfriend, i have a 4 year old daughter and she has a 1 year old son, what is the laws on the ages of children sharing a bderoom together?


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I wouldn't think there was a law on this matter. My two children (one female, one male) shared a room for a number of years before we could give them a room each.
You can seperate the room by means of a curtain or room divider for a bit of seperation .
Even a stud partition wall coming out halfway is cheap and seperates the room .

If the room is big enough of course?
In council accomodation you cannot get seperate bedrooms for boys/girls until they are over 5, and even then only if there is a space, and I know plenty of other households where children of different genders share as there just isn't the room. I'm pretty sure there is no law, it's your own discretion, just as leaving at home on their own is not against the law!
I wouldn't worry about it too much in that sense.
I wouldn't worry too much about it at the moment, I certainly wouldn't go to the trouble and expense of dividing a room in two. As for the children, they'll be company for each other and you'll have a few years to think of a solution. Who knows by the time it really matters your circumstances might have changed and you'll have extra room but I certainly wouldn't be too bothered yet.
I used to share a room with my brother - we used to have bunk beds and we shared up until I was about 6/7/8 something like that I think
there are no laws.

If youre worried about it buy a larger house or build an extension.
ma and my brother shared till he was 9 and i was 8 as there simply wasnt the funds for a bigger house. we did finally have a partition wall built when i was ten which was really cheap
I think that they can share a bed until they are 18 as long as there is no "heavy petting"
rev!! lol
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rev i dont find you funny at all
if you knew what rev was like you'd take that tongue in cheek. But obviously not nice if its about your children.
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till the eldest child is 10 definatley
This applies to England but there are links for other parts of the UK e_topics/repairs_and_bad_conditions/overcrowdi ng

So, opposite sex children can share a room providing the youngest is 10
You might want to consider it earlier than the youngest being ten. I notice your daughter is the elder by 3years. She might start feeling quite shy as she approaches puberty.
You've got several years yet before you need to worry.

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children of the opposite sex sharing a bedroom

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