What comes first girlfriend/kids

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karluk32 | 20:06 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Family & Relationships
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Hi I have been separated from my husband since April 2007. Since then he has been abusive and angry and bitter as it was my decision to end our 15 year relationship! After a great many years of continous arguing and violent behaviour on his part. Anway we had 2 children 4 and 7, I have always wanted them to have two loving parents if we were together or not. He started a relationship with someone else in July last year and I am fine with that, she has a son who is the same age as my son and I also have since met someone. To finally get to the point we agreed through mediation that they would go every wed/thurs night one week then fri/sat night the next so he could spend quality time at the weekend and also see them during the week. We also agreed that he would have them for a week in holidays. He has now backed out of this saying he only wants them wed/thurs nights for first 4 weeks of july then not see them at all till the 24th August as his girlfriends son is away he wants to spend quality time with his girlfriend. How can someone put their kids second . The reason I left was because i didn;t want my children brought up in an abusive environment. I know I cannot make him see them, but have stopped them going last week and this week and asked him to re consider as I feel that a month not seeing them is too long and they need routine??? any thoughts would be appreciated?? Am i lowering myself to his level? Do i need to make a stand ? I do not want to dictate to him when he sees the kids but it will be 10 weekends that he does not see them and as he works full time how will he spend any time with them? I have asked for a compromise as I feel that nearly a month for them not to see him is too long????? HELP!!!!!


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What comes first girlfriend/kids

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