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packmalp1 | 19:30 Tue 08th Jul 2008 | Family & Relationships
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Hi there,

I am getting married in September and need a little help with a few things. so all suggestions are really helpful.

Can any of the ladies recommend a really good foundation that isn't too heavy, but good for very oily skin, whilst covers blemishes. It needs to stay on for a long time too. Can anyone help. Many thanks.

I have tried Estee Lauder doublewear..too cakey for my skin as I have large pores which really show with that foundation. Look forward to any suggeastions. Thanks


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I would recommend one of the new mineral powders. They give great coverage but allow the skin to breath and look very natural. Also if your skin is prone to blemishes this will not irritate further. Avon do a great mineral powder and it is not too pricey, with a wide selection of shades. However I found I needed to mix two shades to get the right colour for me but it still worked out cheaper than some of the other brands.

if you would rather have a proper foundation instead I would suggest going to see the Elizabeth Arden consultant at your local department store. this brand is brilliant and the consultant at Milton Keynes John Lewis is the most approachable and helpful consultant I have ever seen. Elizabeth Arden are very affordable also and fantastic quality.
Have a wonderful wedding, I wish you every happiness
I completely agree with elaine33 about elizabeth arden. I used the foundation and concealer for my wedding and it lasted all day without feeling too heavy. I remember going to the e.a counter in Beatties and the consultant was really helpful. She spent time with me so I bought the right stuff, never pressurised me to buy things I didn't want, and even gave me a few freebies including a lipstick. I can really recommend it. I never buy expensive makeup but it was well worth it for such a special day, and it did last for ages after the wedding too.
Congratulations and I hope you have a wonderful day.
I would also suggest using a face primer before foundation. It'll help it stay on all day (and night!), and will even out your skin tone. It will also make the pores les visible. The best one apparently is Smashbox Photofinish. I bought one by Gosh (the Superdrug exclusive brand) that is very similar, and I swear by it!
Using an eye primer is also a must, to avoid your eyeshadow creasing or fading. My favourite is Urban Decay eye Potion.
It's a good investment, as it lasts for ages too!
If you want to try out mineral foundations, Lily lolo (UK based) does samples for 99p. Also Everyday minerals (USA based) does a free samples pack where you get 4 little tubs of foundation, concealer and blush. Only pay shipping! I got mine yesterday, so can't comment on how good they are, but the blush is lovely and you only need very little.

I would also advise to go book a free make-over at your nearest dpeartment store. You get to try out a different look, and you'll get freebies to try at home. A lot of good brands do them, like EA, Benefits, Mac....

Oh, and congratulations!!! :O)
I recommend the mineral powder foundation by Maybelline - it's inexpensive and very, very good
Go to a professional
Its a special day - treat yourself and get it done by a professional - your hairdresser or a friend may be able to recommend someone. Most will do a free test/practice session beforehand so you can get it right on the day.
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Many thanks for all your advice. I have been using mineral makeup by lily lolo.. It does have a wonderful coverage, but because my face is so oily, it doesn't cover all day. I have some small threid veins on my nose, and within a few hours they can be seen. I also use MAC primer as well, but still does not hold all day due to excessive oil. The urban decay eye primer is brilliant. My eyeshadow stays on until I take it off!

I also use a cover up powder by lily lolo, but does not cover veins all day. Really worried about it. I have had a professional do my makeup and it was terrible. The makeup only stayed onabout 1 hour and the colours were awful...I would not have been happy at all.

I cannot thank you all enough for you advice. I may try the bare minerals powder, as that seems to have good reviews, especially on the site makeup alley. Many thanks again.
I'm not keen on the powder mineral ones, I've tried a few and find them messy to apply and I didn't like the finish.

I'm now using a MAC one called Mineralise which is a mineral foundation in a liquid form. It gives a lovely glow and an even base but is so sheer that you would hardly know you were wearing foundation

Seriously try it, it's the best one I've ever tried, get a trial at a MAC counter and let me know what you think!
Question Author
Thank you... I will try and get MAC Mineralise and give that a go. I am willling to try anything so that I won'y worry on my wedding day. Will let you know what I think. Thanks again...really appreciate your help X
I suffer with blemished skin, i have found a lovley cleanser toner & face wash that in 1 month has helped dramaticly.

Buy: Niva face wash for combination skin (use Morning & night)

Buy: Niva 2in1 Cleanser Toner (use morning & Night)

if you use mosturiser only apply to areas that are dry, avoid the nose & chin.

Niva is not too expensive & if i had a picture to show you the improvements i would.

Once you have tired that and still want to cover up little marks then yes by all means go ahead and use the mineral foundation, i dont where any my self but have herd it is very good.

The one i have seen on TV is the Sheer Cover, it looks pretty amazing, any ways i hope you a lovley day & stay together 4 eva :-)
if you have time, i'd get a few testers to try. I used Estee Lauder Double wear which stayed on all day but i didn't look made up - it's a lovely product. You can approach most make up stalls and get testers so i'd try a few before the day to find the one you like. Good luck for your wedding - it will be the best day of your life - enjoy! x
Hi me again

Sorry forgot to say, go to the dermalogica site, they specalse in creams, sprays that help dry/oily skin.
They can send you samples to reduce the oil on your face, if you speak to one of there friendly ladies i am sure they will find something for you.

It is healthyer for you to get your skin combination tested before sticking a load of products on your face that could produce more oil.

Question Author
Thank you...lovely to have feed back from so many of you. I will have a look and review all products that you all have recommended to me. Cherry22..I have used and tried Sheer Cover, but it cakes my face too much. Looks like i was covered in chalk! Will definately look into the nivea products though. Many thanks once again. x

Look up, i am about to start the 8 week trial, i am hopeing it will completely banish my little red marks.

You have the time do it & if it really works your skin could look fantastic on your wedding day, see the pictures of before & after on their website.

I will let you know what happens to my skin after the 1st 2 weeks of drinking it.

Wish me luck :-)

Had the same probs for my makeup for wedding, until my stepsister (ha shes only 15) told me to try Rimmel London Recover Foundation. Its not too heavy and has light bit of sparkle in it. 303 True Nude. Good luck!
Congratulations and I hope you have a brilliant day.
I would also suggest you look at Philosophy products. You can buy them at QVC. They do a beautiful skin tint called "the supernatural". It suits any skin type, has an SPF of 15 and stays on forever. It is very natural looking, I am a red head and really struggle with foundation.It is lightweight and ideal for a bride.
I used Max Factor Flawless Perfecion for my wedding, the base cream gives a really even finish and since I'd had a few and wasn't up for makeup removal that night - it was still on and looking not bad the next morning!!! :)

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